Winner Option Review

Looking to make some money with binary trading?

Want to know whether Winner Option is legit?

Winner Option is a new binary options broker offering high-yield profits, trading tutorials and an innovative platform. But is it reliable? Review the pros and cons of this company and how it compares to the leading binary corporations.

Winner Option vs Top Brokers

In order to protect your investment, increase profits and trader safely, you must choose a dependable and experiences financial institution. Winner Option is new to the binary industry, and if you are considering investing with it, here is how it compares to the top companies offering online options trading:

24option  is the largest binary options broker, and unlike Winner Option, offers over 80 different trading videos, as well as excellent one-on-one training sessions. This experienced company has been successfully assisting traders from markets all over the globe in perfecting their trading skills:

StockPair is the industry’s model for safe and professional trading. This is the only broker in the entire binary options industry to be regulated both by the CySec in Europe and by the Australian legislation as well. While Winner Option also has European licensing, StockPair offers an array of trading plans that suit each individual investment profile. It also has the best investment consultants available to you at all times. It is your best choice for making money online:


Among the largest companies worldwide, OptionBit has a huge advantage over Winner Option because it offers the single most advanced trading signals, for free. This reputable firm created Algobit, an automates signals software developed specifically for binary trading. Algobit is incorporated to the trading platform, and it scans the markets in real time, identifying potentially lucrative traders, which it executes for you. All that you are required to do is approve each transaction and enjoy the profits. OptionBit’s advanced trading tool makes it one of the prefered destinations for new traders:

algobit banner

The lack of experience of Winner Option is a serious concern, despite of the innovations it is promising on its trading platform. It is wiser to invest with a regulated and distinguished company than risk the chance of losing money to the inexperience of a new broker.

Is Winner Option Legit?

This new binary options broker has certain unique characteristics that should be taken into consideration:

  1. It has a long history of online activity in the Forex and Gaming sectors
  2. It is not a white label, and has introduced its own trading environment
  3. This trading platform offer new tools for binary traders
  4. The company that owns the site has been the rumors of scam and fraud

WGM Ltd is the company behind the Winner Option site, and is known to own a Forex site, gaming sites, and the binary broker Global Option. This is one of the largest online trading group in the globe, and as such, it has the firepower to create an interesting product for binary traders.

Winner Option is WGM’s flagship in its intention to burst onto the binary options scene and become its leading force. Although these are hefty goals, it remains to be seen if Winner Options can be considered a legitimate contender in this ever-growing market.

The Winner Option Platform

StockPair and OptionBit are among the very few binary options brokers that have developed their own trading environment. Winner Option now might join this exclusive group. While most other brokers are white label companies which lease a trading platform, the above mentioned firms offer clients the use of their privately-owned trading interface.

Winner Option market their platform as one that is offering new and innovative trading tools. It is too early to know if this is indeed something to look forward to, or simply a promotion scheme. Nonetheless, in introducing a new platform Winner Option immediately becomes more relevant than the average broker.

Winner Option is also ready to compete with SpotOption, the largest provider of trading software in the binary options field. It will apparently offer to lease its platform to white-label brokers, creating an interesting diversification in the market.

Winner Option Scam?

A high yielding investment involving equally high risk, binary options trading require the use of trading strategies and methods of risk management for traders who take their profit-making seriously.

That is why it is important to avoid adding another risk factor to this already volatile financial derivative. WGM, the company behind Winner Option, has faced scam allegations in the past, and that is an issue that needs to be verified.

The company also has a history of relocation, moving within the last 15 month from UK, to Cyprus. Cyprus is knowingly an internet gaming save-haven. Complaints about issues with the withdrawal service and difficulties in reaching the company to place a customer-service claim are reason for caution.

Considering that these allegations of scam are recent, it is best to give Winner Option some time to prove its worth in the binary options field, before investing money with a company whose reputation has been questionable in the past.

Winner Option Gains

The Winner Option site is supposed to be launched sometime in 2015 and is yet to be operational in all aspects. It will initially be available in Italian, French, Spanish, German and Russian, as well as English, of course.

Although Winner Option are initially offering an asset list consisting of more than 180 options, the real number is lower, since stock pairings are not an individual asset. Stocks, indices and commodities make up most of the list, which is varied enough for creating an investment portfolio.

Currencies, though, possibly the most popular type of asset in binary trading, is the weaker link of Winner Option’s index. The site does not offer a meaningful variation of currency types and pairings. This seems odd, considering the company owns several Forex sites.

Currently offering payouts and gains of up to 85% per trade, Winner Option is situated within the market average. Binary options are a high return investment and therefore the difference between in payouts among brokers is not significant.

Winner Option Review – Conclusion

This binary options broker recently launched its site, promising many innovations. It is very early to know how significant the role of Winner Options will be in the market, and an initial review seems to indicate that it still has a ways to go before being able to offer the advantages found with the top brokers.

WGM Ltd, based in Cyprus, is the company that owns and runs the Winner Option site. It is properly regulated, which is definitely a plus, but has faced scam accusations in the past.

Binary trading is a high risk undertaking and new financial corporations need to prove themselves to gain our trust. While our Winner Option review concludes that this broker is a promising addition to binary markets, caution is still advised. For the meanwhile, trading with the more experienced and reliable companies in this field seems to be a more reasonable approach.

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