Vault Options Scam

Want to profit from online trading with binary options?

Do you need to know if Vault Options is a reliable choice?

The best binary options brokers are those who guarantee your investment and offer tools that improve your success and increase your profits. Can Vault Options be considered such an enterprise or are the market leaders head and shoulders above this binary firm? Here are the answers you need to protect your investment:

About Vault Options

Vault Options is a relatively new binary options site. It began offering its online services circa October 2012, Catering to the USA market. This is a small broker which has made no significant impact on any of the major binary trading markets worldwide. It does not ieve own its own trading platform, leasing the platform interface from SpotOption. Why is this important for your financial safety?

Only binary brokers such as IQ Option and 24option, which developed their privately owned platforms, can truly safeguard your deposit. In such cases only, the money you transfer to the broker is deposited in a regulated account, and the regulator sends to the broker only its rightful share. All the rest of your money is safely kept untouched. Meanwhile, with Vault Options, you have zero control. Your money can be kept anywhere and used anyhow, because the unregulated broker such as Vault option have full control over the fate of your money.

Besides having European regulation, IQ Option is the only broker allowing you to open an account with $10. It also offers you a full Educational Center and professional investment advice from its financial specialists. With the highest payout in binary trading, this broker, among the largest worldwide, has created individual trading plans, each with numerous benefits for you to choose from:

What 24Option offers, meanwhile, is something that is missing in the Vault Options site: free access to a highly effective and innovative signals service. This is the most advanced binary options trading signals tool, a software that identifies the best opportunities in stock markets across the globe, and makes the trades from within your trading platform automatically. As soon as you approve each trade, the software purchases the option and you benefit from its high rates of accuracy. A similar external tool costs at least 300 dollars per month, but with this broker, it’s yours for free:

Anyoption is another broker that Vault Options cannot compare to. This is the largest binary options corporation, and offers you the largest asset list in the online trading markets. A large asset index allows you to create a suitable investment portfolio and earn money from market situations that would otherwise go unnoticed. It is fully regulated and licensed in the European Union, although it does not accept American traders:

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As long as Vault Options does not complete a regulatory process with the proper financial authorities, the risk of choosing this broker is huge. Although this is not the only problem that involves this broker and the scam rumors it is involved with, it is nonetheless a very strong reason to avoid committing your money to this company.

Vault Options Bonus Scam?

A look at the Vault Options home page reveals that they offer a bonus of up to 100%. This is a promotion that basically adds real money to the account of a new customer. It sounds like an excellent offer, because why would anyone refuse free money?

Yet in fact, receiving this benefit (which is added to the account automatically in most cases) creates a limitation on the account, and you would now be unable to withdraw your funds. Although this seems preposterous, it is true. A clause in the Terms of the site states that only after trading at least 20 times the amount of the aforementioned bonus, is the client allowed to ask for a withdrawal.

It does not matter if this is technically a scam or not, definitely it is not what you are expecting when Vault Options suggests this bonus is an advantage. In reality, it is a carefully planned mechanism that takes into consideration the odds and numbers of binary trading, hoping to create a situation in which clients will not be able to withdraw money when they have profits, and eventually will lose the amounts they were able to gain.

Vault Options in the USA

The Vault Options site is a service offered primarily to US citizens, or to traders from the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. If you are from the USA, you will be limited to trading indices, such as Nasdaq or the German DAX, or stocks in general. Trading Forex options is illegal in the USA and binary options are not allowed to offer them to you.

For that reason, many leading binary options corporations do not operate at all in the US. This enables smaller companies such as Vault Option to gain some market share. Your responsibility is to understand that brokers that are not regulated are unsafe. IQ Option is your best choice, and any other company could involve significant risk.

In fact, binary trading is quite a volatile investment. Its speculative nature is what enable traders to earn large sums of money from it, but it is also what turns this financial derivative into a high risk tool. Caution is recommended, and it start by selecting the right company.

The Vault Options Site

White label binary brokers are the most common type of firms in this industry. Such companies need to lease a trading platform, and the clients will be trading, unbeknownst to them, on a platform operated and controlled by a third party (the platform provider). In Vault Options’ case it would be SpotOption, one of the leading developers of online trading interfaces.

The asset index provided by Vault Options is sufficient for beginners, who will find all the basic options needed for an initial portfolio. The variety of options types includes One Touch and Call/Put options, as well as the popular 60 seconds option.

Among the few bright spots on the site is an Education segment with some videos that are well made can explain the basics of online trading fairly well. Videos for advanced traders are also available, and touch the subject of trading strategies and hedging, slightly.

Unfortunately, on the other hand little to know information is given as to the whereabouts of this company, and it does not even iddentify in what country it is situated. Such unprofessional attitude is the last think you want to encounter when choosing a financial institution with which to invest.

Vault Options Scam Conclusion

  • Vault Options was launched in late 2012, it is relatively new
  • It has no license to operate as a regulated financial institution
  • You should choose an experienced and regulated broker, for your safety
  • Vault Options offers high percentage bonuses
  • This could be considered somewhat of a fraud, as the bonus causes a limitation to the account
  • As a result, complaints about difficulties in withdrawing funds have been common
  • Vault Options is available for English speaking clients worldwide
  • The site is simple and although it allows for a reasonable trading experience, it offers no special advantages
  • Certain binary options brokers give you substantial benefits
  • 24Option, for example, offers you an advanced trading signals tools
  • When selecting your binary trading company, don’t be adventurous
  • Prefer the professional and serious brokers and profit from their assistance and guidance

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