Ultimate4Trading Scam

The Ultimate4Trading Scam

Ultimate4Trading is a system launched by EZTrader, a fraudulent binary options broker involved in multiple scam allegations. Ultimate4Trading claims to be able to predict what the result of a binary trade will be, but this is untrue.

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Why is Ultimate4Trading a Scam

Everything about this software and site is bogus and untrue. Not only is the software unable to predict results at all, instead suggesting and even executing trades randomly causing users to lose money, but even worse, the marketing of Ultimate4Trading is built on persuading potential customers to invest in the product by falsely proving to them that Ultimate4Trading works.

For that purpose, candidates are encouraged to open a Demo Account and test the system for free. What they do not know, is that the Demo Account will always generate excellent virtual profit. This causes users to believe the actual software works, and make a real money deposit.

Serious automatic trading robots are available for free through reputable brokers that are properly licensed by financial authorities. This tools are capable of indeed scanning stock markets and use algorithms to calculate the probable result of a trade. With them, you can earn money with consistency and slowly transform a 250 euro investment into several thousands. It might not make you rich, but it is at least a serious offer that can help you improve your monthly income. Cloud Trader is the best such offer and you should open your account with them today. You will be redirected to their current recommended broker, where you need to fund your account. The robot will take care of the rest, and profits can start piling up within minutes.

Ultimate4Trading vs Top Auto Bots

A binary options robot is a software used for trading online. Most robots, or bots, have some basic characteristics:

  1. They do not require prior knowledge
  2. They are fully automated and can perform the trades for you
  3. They can predict results of several trades at once
  4. They are based on algorithmic formulas

Ultimate4Trading claims all these points to be part of its offer, but of course, this is not true. Ultimate4Trading is a very simple device that performs trades selected randomly, without any rhyme or reason. The entire story based on the idea that a few friends created an algorithm is entirely fake.

This marketing scheme is performed by EZTrader, a company that is constantly renovating scam products and cheating people out of their money.

Yet, making money online is something you should definitely strive for. There are legitimate software that can automatically select and perform binary options and a scam such as Ultimate4Trading isn’t your only option.

Besides Cloud Trader, mentioned above, you can check out such excellent offers as Trading Technology or TradeFusion, both excellent systems which are safe, perform at the highest level and allow you to trade with the assistance of the best brokers in this industry.

Understanding Binary Options

Binary options are a financial derivative that offers users the possibility of benefiting from the oscillation of stock market prices regardless of the trends being positive or negative. Since it is a derivative, you do not need to purchase the actual asset, be it a stock, commodity, index or currency. All that is required is to predict whether the chosen asset will decrease or increase in price. If your prognosis is correct when the option expires, you are rewarded with up to 85% payouts.

Although this is indeed a very generous profit rate, one must also consider that an incorrect prediction can cause a loss of up to 100%. Therefore, essentially, correctly predicting half of your trades is not enough to generate income.

To allow you to have a higher level of precision, software developers have worked on robots that will use their power to calculate the outcome of trades hopefully at such a percentage that creates money. This is what Ultimate4Trading explains it does, although in reality it does not.

In fact, the Ultimate4Trading scam is such that users are encouraged to open demo accounts and test the software for free. What people are not aware of is that the demo account is setup so that anyone using it will succeed. This leads the unsuspecting client to open a real account and make a real investment, which is quickly lost.

Ultimate4Trading Cover Story

The Ultimate4Trading scam is based on two factors:

  1. A cover story
  2. A fake demo account
  3. The cover story is meant to convince users that they are being awarded a special opportunity to use a very sophisticated and high tech algorithmic trading software. It tells the story of four engineers who developed a marvelous system that is able to predict the result of trades. Of course, you will not find any real indication that any of these alleged people exist, as they have no social media presence, Facebook page, twitter account, etc. There is also no media articles from any reliable source interviewing these individuals, which is suspicious, considering that they supposedly invented a method to becoming rich…

    The other part of the Ultimate4Trading scam is the demo account. This service allows you to open an account with Ultimate4Trading without making a deposit. You are then awarded free chips, or fake money, that you are able to use with the software, to mimic real trades and see how the system works.

    Except that these is a fraud. The demo account is set to translate into immediate success. Anyone opening a demo account with Ultimate4Trading and EZtrader will immediately see amazing results, and thus be convinced to invest real money. Nonetheless, the fake money account is being tinkered with to show precision, everything is fixed and not real at all.

    Ultimate4Trading Scam – Conclusion

    Ultimate4Trading is a scam that uses a bogus algorithmic trading robot to convince people to open an account with EZTrader.

    EZTrader is in itself a scam that has multiple times been involved in fraud allegations and has a bad reputation.

    Ultimate4Trading is fake because it does not in fact calculate the result of trades, offering random suggestions instead.

    It is still possible to earn money trading binary options with the help of free trading software, such as Cloud Trader.

    This is an automated binary options robot that offers a free lifetime subscription. It is accurate, reliable and safe, working only with regulated brokers.

    Ultimate4Trading should be avoided, but that is no reason to renounce the financial gains that can be attained through online trading software.

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