The Trading Compass Review

Using the Trading Compass

An automated trading software, the Trading Compass is directly and automatically incorporated onto the trading platform, as soon as you sign up to this free service. There is no need to either run the program or download it, and it is a self explanatory system that you can use immediately. To profit from using the Trading Compass, open an account with a binary options broker, which you can do through the software site itself.

Executing trades with the Trading Compass

A binary options trade is one of the most simple financial transactions you could ask for, and that is one reason why this high-yielding opportunity has become so popular. All you need to do is choose one of the assets available through the trading interface, decide which amount you want to invest, and predict if by the time the option expires, that asset will rise or decrease in price. Either way, if your prediction is correct, you are remunerated with up to 95% returns, which almost doubles your money.

The Trading Compass helps you because it was developed with the purpose of correctly calculating the result of trades and highlighting which binary options are most likely to expire in the money, creating a profit for you. Once the Trading Compass evaluates that there is a high probability of one specific asset going up or down in price within the next few minutes, it will immediately enable you to gain money from that knowledge.

Trusting the Trading Compass

This software can be used in manual or automatic mode, meaning you are in control and can decide to what extent you want to trust the suggestions offered by the Trading Compass. The auto mode will allow the system to execute the trade itself, while otherwise, the software will signal you about a profit opportunity, which you can accept or ignore.

Another important reason for trusting this tool, is because it is only available when opening an account with regulated binary options brokers. The developers of the Trading Compass have been careful to partner solely with serious and reliable financial companies, which are supervised by authorities and follow strict guidelines to protect the investors money. Therefore, open your account with one of the brokers chosen by the software providers, to be ensured of investing through a serious and safe corporation

Online trading scams are common and it is therefore important to understand the value of using a regulated broker. The meaning of this is that a financial authority, such as the CySEC in Europe, oversees the activities of the broker, and obligates it to have the transparency needed to give you reassurance, and the cash flow necessary to guarantee that you can receive your profits whenever you wish to do so. With the Trading Compass, that scenario is granted, because the software is globally distributed only to the leading brokers of each market.

How Much You Will Earn

While a binary trade might offer up to 95% profits, and in theory a trader can execute several transactions simultaneously and earn money from each one of those, the more realistic perspective of gains is much more modest. The Trading Compass is marketed as an opportunity to earn money online, and that it is. Yet it is wise to lower the expectations and understand that what will ultimately be your best trading strategy is to aim for a slow but consistent profit level.

You are only required to deposit somewhere between 200-250 euro to open your account (depending on your geographical location). This is a perfectly reasonable place to start, yet you should remember that the larger the amount with which you start, the faster you will reach values that are in fact meaningful. Therefore, if you have the means to do so, a 1000 euro initial deposit is preferable.

Regardless of the Trading Compass and its accurate predictions, binary options trading gives you a 50% chance of succeeding in each and every trade. That percentage, however, which translates into correctly predicting half of your transactions, is not enough to generate any profit. In order to actually earn, you will need to increase that precision level to upwards of 56%. That is why a software such as the Trading Compass can be so invaluable to you.

Managing profits vs risks

With an initial value of 1000 euros, and in a scenario where the user trades daily and achieves just 1% profits per day, the balance of your account could reach more than a million euros within a couple of month. This requires consistency and patience, and since it is unlikely a user will either always profit or be able to actually trade every single day, such high values should not be your first immediate goal.

Yet with the Trading Compass, you are given a real opportunity to invest with a purpose, using a free software that is both innovative and sophisticated. Using algorithms developed by young entrepreneurs which initially dubbed their invention Sir Williams, this system is capable of analyzing stock markets worldwide, constantly, and compare the data with older trading sessions, thus identifying what the probable next market oscillation will be.

That way the Trading Compass becomes an effective and very convenient tool for your online investment. Since its database is constantly growing, it also has the ability to improve its own output, turning this artificial intelligence system into a winner.

The Trading Compass Review – Conclusions

If you want to invest online and profit from the very high return rates offered by binary options brokers, the Trading Compass is an excellent free accessory that can push you to the top.

These are a few of the facts you should keep in mind:

  1. The first step is opening an account. This can be done through the Trading Compass interface and requires only a few minutes.
  2. Then, you are immediately ready to enjoy the software. It is already located on your easy-to-use trading platform.
  3. There are four types of binary assets: stocks, indices, commodities and currencies. The Trading Compass is able to analyze and suggest results for all of these.
  4. You can let the Trading Compass do all the work by setting the automatic mode and watching how the software finds and executes the best trades.
  5. Nonetheless, remember to be cautious. There is always risk involved in financial markets, and this is certainly true for binary trading.
  6. This is a speculative type of investment and you should not deposit more money than you are able to risk.
  7. While the Trading Compass gives you a better chance to succeed, and is free of charge, you should be mindful of the risk factor.
  8. The brokers that have partnered with this software provider can be a source of further benefits for you.
  9. It is common that they offer bonuses, webinars, advice and educational tools for you to slowly develop the trading strategies that best define your investment profile.

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