The Banker Profit System Scam

The Banker Profit System works?

The Banker Profit System is a new binary options automatic trading robot. It is a bit early to know whether this is a reliable software, yet there are some indications to it being a scam. Therefore, if you want to earn money online using a free algorithmic trading system choose a reputable and reliable option such as Money Multiplier. This robot is also offered free of charge and has several benefits which the Banker Profit System lacks. Open an account now and enjoy a lifetime subscription and cash bonus.

Pros and Cons of the Banker Profit System

As noted, some aspects of this bot are suspicious and should be a cause for concern. Among the question marks that should be addressed are:

  • If Andrew Teegan invented such an amazing trading tool after working 25 years in the banking industry, why is there no trace of him on any social media site? Probably because he does not exist. And that sounds like a financial scam.
  • Many robots use the same lame excuse for explaining why the product is offered for free: beta testing. This probably means that the developers plan on keeping your money.
  • The video suggests that the Banker Profit System is associated only with the highest-paying brokers. The problem is that offering high yields is irrelevant. What separates reliable brokers from scam companies is the type of trading regulation they are bound by.

For example: Money Multiplier partners only with companies such as Banc de Binary, which is fully regulated by the CySEC financial authority. The safety of your money is guaranteed at the highest standards and you also receive multiple benefits because your account is managed by a large financial corporation that offers investment advice, bonuses, free educational material and most importantly, excellent reputation.

While the Banker Profit System uses the excuse of beta-testing to justify why a trading robot that can help anyone earn thousands of euro is being given out for free, Money Multiplier offers its product free of charge for entirely different reasons.

Simply, it is the partnering broker companies, which have received the rights of distribution of this excellent software, that are paying the developers for the privilege of offering such an innovative system to their clients. So with Money Multiplier, you are trading safely and without cost while receiving the best customer service from the top binary trading corporations worldwide. Click the link and fund your account now to start make profits within minutes.

What is Binary Options Trading?

The Banker Profit System is new and it is still hard to fully determine if this is a scam or not. Meanwhile, it is best to use caution and invest your money with more established automatic-trading software providers.

All these robots operate within the binary options market. This is a financial derivative with several unique advantages and also a few drawbacks you should be aware of. As for the pros of binary trading:

  1. Very easy to understand and operate, trading platforms are user friendly and no prior experience is required
  2. This is a supervised online trading activity, provided you have opened an account with a licensed broker
  3. The yields are very high, with return rates of up to 90% per single transaction
  4. Binary options are a dynamic, thrilling and fun activity, with very short expiration periods. A trade lasts 15 minutes in average

Yet here are the cons, which must be kept in mind:

  1. Any investment offering very high profits must also be similarly risky. Binary options are no different. Whether using a software such as the Banker Profit System or not, the speculative nature of options turn it into a risk investment
  2. Added risk occurs when opening an account with a broker that is not properly regulated. The Banker Profit System owners have not vouched for the safety of your money, associating themselves with companies which have no license and present a high risk of scam
  3. Binary trading is very fast paced and if you allow the robot to take full control too fast, the money can be lost quickly, another reason for choosing only highly reliable bots

The Banker Profit System Robot

An algorithmic trading bot is a software that can execute trades automatically by calculating the probable outcome of a binary option using powerful mathematical equations and algorithms. The level of accuracy of a robot will be determined by the efficiency of the formulas that were developed but also by the data used for these calculations.

The Banker Profit System bot does not seem to have the ability of scanning financial markets live, and therefore its efficacy is questionable. By scanning the prices of stocks, indices, commodities and currencies constantly, a high-tech robot can compare current market oscillations with historical information stored by the software and identify trends and probable results. It remains unclear to what extent the Banker Profit System can match that level of performance.

The accuracy percentages of robots are the key to their success. In terms of odds and probabilities, binary options are structured so that users must precisely prognosticate at least 56% of the trades they execute. This is a high percentage.

Although many systems brag about obtaining levels of precision that are higher than 80%, this is both highly improbable and totally inconsequential. A good software is all about consistency and the ability to maintain the accuracy rate above 60% throughout the year. It is way too early to know what performance to expect from the Banker Profit System, yet there is no need to wait. You should open an account now with Money Multiplier and have at your disposal a trading software that has been reliable for quite some time, operates only with the best, regulated companies and is free of charge.

The Banker Profit System Scam Conclusion

  • The founder of the Banker Profit System is named Andrew Teegan. He seems to have no personal profiles online. Scam alert.
  • The promotional video uses a common trick for convincing users to open their account: “only few spots left before the software is no longer available for free”. This does not sound true.
  • Binary options can help you earn money online at a very fast pace and investing in this type of financial derivative can be an excellent idea. But there are risks involved.
  • Therefore, adding to these risks by choosing the Banker Profit System, which is new and suspicious, is not recommended.
  • Instead, use reliable and well-known trading robots such as Money Multiplier which redirect you only to fully regulated brokers.
  • Open an account with at least 200 euro, although larger sums are preferable for seeing quicker results.

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