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StockPair vs Best Brokers

The best way to choose a binary options corporation that will help you profit more is by comparing the top brokers. Here is how StockPair compares to these leading companies.

StockPair is among the largest binary options brokers worldwide. It gives you all the tools and assistance available through other brokers, is definitely not a fraud, and has many interesting and helpful aspects. Its 1-on-1 training sessions are praised by traders , and its unique stocks-pairs options are a smart mechanism which you can add to your trading strategies. If you are new to binary options this most certainly is a broker through which you can profit consistently.

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24Option is the world’s largest and most recognizable binary options broker. A company that is fully regulated and licensed by the CySec, it offers you the best educational material, highly qualified financial advisers, a free signals service, and an excellent asset list. Its experience and professionalism has set the standards for the binary field.

A third example of a broker with offers that are as reliable as StockPair is OptionBit. Equally licensed and safe, it is the only company offering Algobit, which is the most advanced free signals service. This automated tool which is incorporated to the trading platform, scans and identifies the best trades for you.

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More about StockPair

StockPair was launched in mid 2011, and initially focused on certain European markets, such as the UK, Spain and Italy. Since then it has been in constant expansion and is now considered a top broker in several countries, including the UK.

StockPair is owned by Nextrade Worldwide Ltd., which is based in Cyprus. It is common for binary options companies to operate from this European country, because it is the one offering to fully license such financial corporations. StockPair is fully regulates and safe to operate with.

Supervision of all financial and investment activities by an authorized governmental authority is an important step in reassuring the safety of trading with any online broker. The fact that StockPair offers such a license is proof to its intention to protect traders, and clears any doubts or rumors of a possible scam.

Review of Scam Complaints

In most cases, binary options brokers are accused f unlawful activities by a small percentage of its users. Obviously this is caused by the speculative nature of this investment, in which losing money is a real possibility, and at times, clients seem to be either unaware of this, or over-confident in their trading strategies.

As a matter of fact, a business offering yields of 70% per trade must carry with it a high level of risk. To succeed in binary trading it is imperative to learn risk management and stick to the rules and methods that compose your strategy. Failure to do so may cause loss, and this is what has triggered complaints and criticism towards StockPair and other brokers.

StockPair, on the other hand, inform clearly about the risks of these types of financial operations, and suggests that clients trade with caution and moderation. Although this is not a statement that the company writes in bold letters at the top of their homepage, it does behave with enough transparency and allows traders to understand that there is certainly risks involved.

Learning how to trade

To increase profits and diminish risk factors, the best approach is learning more about trading, assets and stock markets. Choosing brokers that offer tutorials, ebooks, webinars and other instructional material is a first step towards a rewarding experience.

Some companies will offer a demo-account, with which you can practice your abilities without compromising (nor earning) money. Others, such as StockPair, will give you risk-free trades, which are more convenient, because they also help you train, but still enable you to profit from possible successful transactions.

Since StockPair operates using the SpotOption platform, clients also receive certain bonuses that are suggested and at times sponsored by SpotOption. Although this is certainly an advantage, it also means that StockPair is a white label company, which allows it to have the support of the best trading platform in the online trading markets.

The StockPair Site

Binary options do not require much prior experience to trade with. StockPair, as is the case with most brokers, offers an accessible and easy to use site with four types of assets and several option variations, such as call/put, 60 second and boundary options.

The payouts it offers are above the average of this market, which means they are extremely high and attractive, but equally difficult to attain. It is important to remember that when trading with options what defines the profitability rate is not the payout value but rather the percentage of accurate trades and the consistency of results.

StockPair’s asset index is significantly larger than most binary brokers. This is an important fact because it allows you to create a varied investment portfolio and benefit from a variety of market trends unavailable to other companies.

StockPair Scam Summary

  • StockPair is one of the largest binary brokers globally
  • It is based in Cyprus, and caters princiapply to European countries
  • The StockPair asset list is impressive, offering a large variety of commodities, indices, stocks and currencies
  • StockPair is not a scam, which does not turn binary trading into a less volatile investment
  • While the instructional tools offered by StockPair are good, certain brokers have more diverse tutorials

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