Recently Launched Trading Robots

Launches for 2016 – Approved systems

These are the binary options trading robots which have been launched during January 2016 and promise to lead the way in terms of free automated software:

  • Predirtend – A French system that was introduced to the markets recently, Preditrend is based on artificial intelligence, with the software capable of learning from its own miscues and improve its results constantly. Considered a top performing robot, Preditrend is easy to use and allows you to start trading immediately.
  • Trading30eLode – Enabling users to trade in assets as varied as stocks, commodities, currencies and indices from worldwide markets, this Italian software was developed specifically for binary options derivatives and has performed superbly. Reviews confirm that Trading30eLode is safe and accurate.
  • TradeBlitz24 – German technology at its best, TradeBlitz24 is an automated free software that can identify opportunities in financial markets and execute trades for you, allowing you to enjoy high yields without needing any experience or expertise. With powerful algorithms and innovative features, this is another software that promises to be a success in 2016.

Problematic Launches

    • Ultimate4Trading – This scam offer perpetrated by EZTrader, a broker that has launched fraudulent products in the past, Ultimate4Trading has received poor reviews and is a black spot in an otherwise promising year for automated systems. Reviews about Ultimate4Trading reveal this system is a scam, or at least a poor choice.
    • Medallion App – This is another scam system that should be avoided. Marketed as a secret tool that is available to the lucky few who are quick to join, a review of Medallion App reveals a system that is neither accurate nor interested in providing services of regulated and reliable brokers. Another product that could let you down in 2016.

    Understanding Binary Options

    Binary options are a simple financial online investment that does not require traders to buy stocks or other assets. Based on the premise of predicting the fluctuation of currencies and stocks, this derivative offers very high yields and the comfort of trading from anywhere at practically any time.

    On the other hand, binary trading does involve risk and requires caution. Although profits can reach incredible volumes, the possibility of loss also exists and therefore it is advisable to invest smaller amounts, preferably of a few hundred euro, before becoming fully involved with this thrilling tool.

    Automated robots have been gradually introduced to the market so as to diminish the risks and improve the chances of traders in achieving profitable results in the long run. Choosing the right software can be the difference between losing portions of the money invested or building the foundations of a constant second income.

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