Option Navigator Review

What is Option Navigator

Automated trading is not new in financial markets, but with the growth of online trading, companies have been constantly developing new and better tools to aid traders and achieve better results.

Option Navigator is the newest system to hit the binary options market, and has thus far been praised by traders for its simplicity and accuracy, helping you earn more money in an industry that offers high returns to begin with. To directly sign up to the Navigator click here.

Why Use Option Navigator?

The Navigator is an independent trading tool, meaning that it is not related to one specific binary options broker, and can in fact be incorporated to several trading platforms. Nonetheless, the company only transfers the software to specific recommended brokers.

This is done so as to maintain a high standard of performance. Option Navigator developers wish to be associated only to regulated and reputable brokers, which is an excellent sign of professionalism.

Currently, StockPair is their top recommendation. This is one of the largest and most experienced brokers worldwide, a company that is regulated by the CySEC and has approval from every major financial authority in Europe. Furthermore, this broker has the best financial advisers, a huge Educational Center with relevant information about trading strategies and risk management and an overall reputation as a serious and reliable online financial corporation. Currently offering a 100% bonus, it is easy to understand why Option Navigator would recommend it:


It is important to note that Option Navigator was just recently launched, and therefore is creating a database of clients. Once this database grows to a certain, unknown number, the service, which is currently free, will most probably include a monthly cost. Therefore, joining now is a huge advantage, because you will be paying nothing for an amazing signals service that can increase your profits substantially.

How Does the Navigator Work

The following video explains the basics of how Option Navigator work. Although the video itself is very clear and using the Navigator is very easy, here is a brief guide:

  1. Using the Option Navigator requires having an open account with a recommended broker.  The signup process allows you to register and create your account from within the Option Navigator interface.
  2. Once you open an account, you will have access to your trading platform through the Navigator itself. This is a big advantage, since most robots do not integrate to the platform, forcing traders to open two windows and monitor each individually. With Option Navigator, all your activity is done on one interface.
  3. The trading process itself is simple. Each binary option trade has two possible outcomes, known as Call or Put options. The Option Navigator system will then use its analytic abilities to suggest a prediction for each specific trade within the platform.
  4. If the Navigator recommends to place a Call Option, that specific trade will be highlighted in green. If it suggests a Put Option, the trade will be highlighted in red. All you need to do, is place the trades.
  5. Although Option Navigator’s main benefit is that it has been known to have a high accuracy level, thus increasing your profits, this signals software gives you full independence, and it is also possible to make predictions contrary to the Navigator’s recommendation.

Risk Management

Binary options trading is an online investment that offers an average return of 70% per trade. For a 100 euro trade, you can earn as much as 90 euro in a matter of minutes. Certainly, such a high-yield financial derivative is highly speculative.

The volatility of options trading is something you must always keep in mind. Binary trading can be an excellent way of gaining an extra income, especially when using a sophisticated tool such as Option Navigator, but it also may lead to loss.

That is why it is important to learn trading strategies and risk management techniques that will lower your exposure and allow you to trade within a defined methods, with clear goals and limits. Professional brokers, such as StockPair, can help you through their online webinars and account managers. Do not be shy when seeking help and a better understanding of how to protect your positions and leverage your profits.

Option Navigator in Europe

Germany and the Netherlands are a couple of the first markets to be chosen by Option Navigator to launch its product. The German and Dutch binary options market are considered among the largest and most indicative markets worldwide, and therefore companies regularly select them as a priority when introducing a new trading tool or investment product.

In that sense, StockPair is a good match, since this binary options broker offers several assets from the German stock markets, including the DAX index itself. Of course, all traders must always make sure to choose companies that are regulated and licensed by their local financial authority. When using Option Navigator you are guaranteed to be trading with a safe broker, since only such corporations are allowed to offer this automated trading tool.

Option Navigator Review – Summary

  • Option Navigator was recently launched as a new signals service using automated trading software
  • This software does not require downloading. All you need to do is open an account with a trusted broker, and sing-up to the Option Navigator interface
  • Once logged in, you can trade from the Option Navigator platform directly, by following the highlighted suggestions
  • The Option Navigator recommended trades are available for all four types of binary options: stocks, commodities, currencies and indices
  • Traders have praised Option Navigator for significantly increasing their profits and allowing them to earn money easily
  • Nonetheless, this system is not a guarantee of success. It is important to consider the risks of online trading and use compatible strategies to maintain the consistency of your positive results

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