Millionaire Truth Scam

What is Millionaire Truth ?

The Millionaire Truth system is a scam that pretends to be a software capable of predicting the results of binary options trades. It is indeed possible to make such predictions, except that Millionaire Truth is not such a tool. It just selects and suggest trades randomly. Yet, you should definitely pursue your dream of earning additional money. Binary options are an excellent way to achieve this goal, because serious brokers offer high yields and professional support. If you have no experience trading online, use Trading Technology, the most innovative and easy-to-use algorithmic robot. With it, you open an account with a regulated and reliable financial corporation and are able to start earning almost immediately. You will not get rich quickly, because unlike Millionaire Truth, this is a legit software. Yet your initial deposit can multiply into several thousand euros within a few month. Click here to get started.

The Millionaire Truth Scam

If you are unsure about Millionaire Truth, here is some proof that this is a scam:

  1. Brad Marshall, the “inventor” of the software, does not exist.
  2. He is also the same “person” who promotes Investkingdom, a similar scam site that was deleted after a few months of cheating users
  3. The story of the video is senseless, no one give out free software that can generate millions of dollars
  4. The values that the promotional material suggests you will earn are highly exaggerated and are only meant to cause false expectations

Binary options can be very profitable, yet the site is not the way to go about it. You need to work with a reliable trading robot and most importantly with reliable companies.

A robot, good or flawed, is not enough. In order to use an algorithmic software to execute trades you need to open a trading account. This is where caution is so important. Also, it is the reason for choosing Trading Technology, which only operates through licensed binary options brokers. That way you are fully protected by financial authorities and your money is safe. This month of December, their recommended broker is StockPair, one of the most reliable companies in the online trading field. It is also the best proof that you are investing through a trustworthy software provider.

Why is Millionaire Truth Free?

There are indeed two type of automated trading software:

  1. Independent software developers charging several hundred euro a month for those subscribing to their site
  2. Free offers such as Millionaire Truth

A free tool is not necessarily a scam. Yet a promotion suggesting the software is free because of generosity or because they are running test on a new version, that is all fraud. We are talking about financial markets, where big money is made daily. It is a business, and there has to be a business model for each product.

The Millionaire Truth model is a scam: a product that cannot actually predict trades is offered for free as though it were an accurate automatic robot. The objective is that users open an account with a broker, which is not regulated or supervised. Once the investor is convinced, they will lose their money either because the robot will execute bad trades or because the broker will not easily return the money back.

Trading Technology is the exact opposite and the proof that good deals can also be found. This is also a free product, but for entirely different reasons: Trading Technology partners only with regulated companies that have obtained the prestigious CySEC license and are therefore totally supervised and your money is guaranteed.

Since this is an efficient and accurate robot, brokers are eager to offer it to clients and thus gain an edge over competing brokers. Therefore, the reason this is a free system is simply because these corporations are the ones paying for the distribution and use of the software.

What is Algorithmic Trading?

Binary options robots or trading robots are a common tool used in financial markets worldwide. This are systems that are developed so as to compare current market prices to past values and identify trends. The purpose is to use mathematical equations and algorithms to scientifically predict how the price of assets will develop. Such robots are in fact so popular, that more than 70% of trades in USA stock markets are executed automatically.

Yet with binary options you are given a golden opportunity. As the Millionaire Truth video correctly points out, the yields per trade are very high and can be close to 90%, with an average of about 75% per trade. These are amazing return rates. Therefore, if there would be a way to succeed in prognosticating the results of binary options, the potential for profits would be unimaginable.

With this idea in mind, Millionaire Truth try to convey the idea that a system was launched that can accurately predict pretty much each trade. This is nonsense and a scam. Binary trades are very speculative and even the best trading robots cannot easily maintain a success level that enables users to constantly profit, much less become millionaires fast.

Yet, there is still a way for you to earn a lot of money when choosing the right robot.

Return Rate Calculation

Binary options are a high-risk investment and money can be lost. It is very difficult to be accurate all the time and essentially the odds of losing are larger than those of earning. Certainly with a bogus software such as Millionaire Truth the chances of success decline dramatically.

Yet with the help of Trading Technology you will obtain small, consistent gains. And this is the key strategy for smart traders. Although binary brokers offer up to 90% yields for each trade, you should not focus on transforming 100 euro into 190. The better approach is to transform 100 euro into only 101. Here is why:

When you open an account with, for example, 1000 euro, and concentrate in earning 1% per day, then this is something realistic provided you trade with an innovative software like Trading Technology and a professional broker such as StockPair.

The first day, therefore, your objective will be to transform 1000 euro into 1010. This might seem like a very small gain. Yet, if you are consistent and allow the robot to help you, a 1000 euro investment at a 1% daily growth rate will have ballooned to over 1.2 million euro within just two years!! So as you can see, by avoiding scams such as Millionaire Truth and choosing legit tools such as Trading Technology, you should start earning today and slowly but steadily change your life around.

Millionaire Truth Scam Summary

  • A scam is identified clearly, since Millionaire Truth is being promoted by the same people and the same fraudulent methods used in prior launches.
  • This tool is being offered in October 2015 and its promotional video might compel you to try it for free. Avoid that risk.
  • Instead of Millionaire Truth, prefer a professional and reliable software operated through regulated and helpful brokers.
  • When you open your account with Trading Technology, for example, such brokers will not only allow you free access to the automated robot, they will offer several other benefits.
  • Among those you should expect are: risk-free trades, a cash bonus on your first deposit, free webinars and investment advice.

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