Millionaire Shield Scam

Do you want to quickly make money working from home through online trading?

Have you heard about Millionaire Shield and are excited about the profits this binary robot promises?

Using Millionaire Shield with the hope of improving your income is the wrong move towards the right direction. It is possible to earn money trading from home using an algorithmic system and you could start seeing profits today, provided you log into reliable and safe systems such as Money Multiplier or Trading Compass. As for Millionaire Shield, avoiding this software is the best way to protect your investment.

What is Millionaire Shield?

Millionaire Shield is a binary options robot offered for free. It promises an accuracy rate of over 90% and the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars per day. Marketed as a creation of Steve Hulsman, this internet scam is presented neatly and can easily be mistaken as a true opportunity to earn money. Therefore, make sure to read and understand how to identify the fraud behind this proposal.

Algorithmic trading robots are common to binary options trading. although most offers are bogus. Nonetheless, some software are capable of predicting the outcome of trades and thus help you earn money. When using legit tools which actually scan stock markets and make complex calculations to identify profit opportunities, the amounts you should hope to earn are much smaller than those promised by Millionaire Shield.

Nonetheless, the offers are very attractive. Money Multiplier, an excellent and free system which has partnered with the best brokers to guarantee the safety of your investment, is able to predict trades correctly at a 60% rate. With such a percentage, it is possible to reach a 1% daily return rate. Although this might sound less appealing than the Millionaire Shield video, the fact is that a 1% daily yield will transform 1000 dollars into 1.2 million dollars within two years. To start that process rolling, open your account directly through the site.

Why is Millionaire Shield a Scam

Here are the reasons why Millionaire Shield is a scam:

  1. The story that the video proposes is full of holes. The biggest one being the fact that the developer of the software does not exist.
  2. Even philanthropists do not offer a software that can generate millions of dollars free of charge. A real businessman would turn his invention into a huge profit and then give the proceeds to charity.
  3. The robot does not seem to work. It resembles a random automatic trading device, choosing trades without logic or accuracy.
  4. You are invited to open an account with companies which are not regulated nor reliable.

The first sign of a Millionaire Shield scam is the fact that Steve Hulsman is neither an experienced hedge fund manager nor a benefactor. This is a made-up persona and you will not find any information of such a person in any social media platform.

Yet this is just the tip of the iceberg concerning the Millionaire Shield fraud. The question that is left to answer is how this scam translates into money being lost to the people behind this scheme.

Who pays for free trading software?

Serious software developers such as Money Multiplier or Trading Compass offer their systems for free because the bill is being paid by the binary options brokers. Whichever algorithmic robot you choose, you must open and fund an account to be able to start trading. Who you open that account with is a key to your success.

Millionaire Shield, for example is related to companies which are not licensed. The true meaning of this situation is that the user is depositing money with an institute that offers no guarantees and can indeed keep the money or make it very difficult for the user to receive that value back.

On the other hand Money Multiplier partners only with the best, largest and most reputable binary brokers, all of which are properly regulated. Therefore this solid financial corporations are supervised by local financial authorities and abide to rules and regulations that were established by law to protect your money.

Since Money Multiplier is a real tool, that generates profit, is easy to use and has consistently shown positive results, the best brokers are interested in offering this software to their clients. It is a way of increasing their market share and expanding their client-base. Therefore, they are willing to pay the owners of the trading robot, and as a result you benefit from an excellent free system.

Millionaire Shield vs Trading Compass

As you can see, the Millionaire Shield tale about giving its system for free is a scam. Of course there is money involved, since this is a business. Likewise, even if it were a legitimate software, it could not possibly predict more than 90% of trades accurately. Binary options are simply too volatile to allow such a rate of success.

When choosing binary trading, you are opting to invest in the only financial derivative that offers return rates as high as 90% per transaction. This is awesome, especially when considering that each trade expires within minutes, so multiplying profits is theoretically possible. What the marketing of Millionaire Shield does not mention, is that any high yielding opportunity such as binary options is also a high risk investment. The odds of incurring in loss exist.

The Trading Compass offers a much more traditional path of investment relying on its sophisticated algorithms to achieve small but consistent gains. Here is a product that does not try to sell itself as a get-rich-quick scheme. It proposes a much more reasonable scenario, where good money can be made with patience and daily trading. Click here to open you account, and see the video below to realize the very different marketing approach between this binary options robot and Millionaire Shield.

Millionaire Shield Scam – Conclusion

  • Millionaire Shield, the automated binary options robot created by Steve Hulsman, is a scam.
  • The system does not really calculate or predict trades, it simply suggests random trades meaninglessly.
  • More so, Steve Hulsman is an imaginary character created for marketing purposes, and does not really exist.
  • To use Millionaire Shield one must open an account with a broker which is not regulated, a high risk and probable centerpiece of the fraud.
  • Earning money with binary trading is possible, even with no prior experience.
  • There are reliable free automated software that can be used to generate profits slowly but efficiently.
  • Money Multiplier and Trading Compass are two examples of safe tools that are operated when opening an account with licensed and reputable companies.

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