Millionaire Money Machine Review

What is Millionaire Money Machine?

A trading robot, or bot, is a software that executes trades automatically in a binary options platform. Millionaire Money Machine is advertised as a secret, ground-breaking system that will entirely change your life. Although this might not be a total scam, it is a very suspect proposition, and you should be very concerned. Likewise, you should be aware of the difference between reliable tools and fraud.

Millionaire Money Machine comparison

To better understand the risks of investing money in a scheme such as Millionaire Money Machine, you should compare it to other, proven and reliable tools, that are used by online traders in order to improve results and generate income.

The most reputable automated trading software is Optionavigator, a free service that has helped thousands of traders in Europe earn money and maintain high levels of profit. One distinct difference between Optionavigator and Millionaire Money Machine is that the first can only be used through a regulated and licensed broker, hence guaranteeing the safety of your investment. While with Millionaire Money Machine there is no such guarantee, and you might find yourself dealing with a company that has no supervision, and can essentially take your money and disappear. Meanwhile, with the Navigator, you are assured that your funds are always available to you and being monitored by European financial authorities, to protect you and help you earn. Thousands are already safely earning money every month, and you can open an account directly through the Optionavigator site now.

The risk of trading with an unlawful company should always be avoided. With Millionaire Money Machine, this is not possible, because you never know with what broker you are dealing. Such disregard for the protection of your deposit is a clear indication that this offer should be avoided, and trusted automated robots, such as the Navigator, should be preferred. Yet, there are other worrying signs when reviewing the Millionaire Money Machine idea.

What is a Binary options Broker

To use Millionaire Money Machine, or any other auxiliary software for digital trading, you must open an account with a binary broker. This is a company that owns or leases a trading platform, through which trades are executed. There are two types of brokers:

  1. Regulated – supervised by authorities and obligated to follow financial legislation
  2. Not regulated – sites whose ownership and stability is unknown

Of course, you cannot trust Millionaire Money Machine, because it allows any broker, licensed or not, to offer and use its software, placing you at serious risk. For example, one recommended binary company, which is used by Optionavigator, Deutsche Garantie and other reliable bots, is OptionWeb.

OptionWeb is the largest binary corporation in Europe, fully regulated, offering you an education center, account managers, a cash bonus, and other multiple benefits. This financial giant is a serious, experienced and professional institution. Of course, investing through them is a much better choice than using the recently launched an little known Millionaire Money Machine. If you want to profit from online trades, always use OptionWeb, which gives you both reliability and additional benefits:


Odds of Success in Binary Trading

Binary options is a regulated financial derivative, under supervision of the CySEC. Although this investment should be considered of high risk and caution is needed, it also offers the highest possible yields among online investments, turning it into a lucrative opportunity.

Since the odds of success in such a type of trade are low, investors and mathematicians have devised intelligent software, known as trading robots, which use algorithmic trading to improve your chances of predicting results accurately.

The more sophisticated tools allow you to use the broker’s trading platform without needing any prior knowledge or an understanding of what finance is. On the other hand, some online scams offer systems that in fact are not advanced systems, but rather simple software executing trades randomly.

Everything seems to indicate that Millionaire Money Machine is of the second type: a device that might execute trades with a simple click, but without scanning the stock markets, without using a database of historic shifts in trends, and without algorithms that calculate which is the best trade result for you.

Anyhow, it is always best to avoid offers that market themselves as a “secret opportunity” or something you should “tell no one about”. Besides being silly and not credible, it is dangerous. Always inform others, at least your close family and best friends about your online investments.

Millionaire Money Machine Scam Rumors

There is little indication that Millionaire Money Machine actually works. We have been unable to find reliable testimonials that this robot actually helps you in creating an additional income. It also has not generated any verifiable proof of scam.

Some inexperienced traders become upset when they fail to earn money with binary options. Yet, it is important to always keep in mind that an investment which can offer you yields of 85% has to include a high level of risk.

Even when using the best software, strategy and financial advice, trading options is not a guaranteed investment. The fact that people might lose money with it, does not constitute a scam.

On the other hand, the marketing of Millionaire Money Machine is problematic. It suggests that you will become very rich soon, which is obviously not realistic and can be considered misleading advertising. It also tries to come across as being an under-the-radar software, which is being kept as a national secret. That is also a bit of a childish approach to marketing and might be a sign that this product should not be trusted.

Millionaire Money Machine Review – Summary

  • Millionaire Money Machine is a new automated trading system.
  • It does not seem to generate the results that it advertises.
  • Likewise, it is not safe, and can be operated through brokers which are not regulated.
  • A parallel product, such as Optionavigator, is a better choice.
  • The Navigator can only be used through licensed companies, and has already created profit for thousands in Europe.
  • Regardless of your choice, make sure the account you open is with a regulated broker, such as OptionWeb.
  • Millionaire Money Machine might not be an outright scam, yet it is best to treat it with caution.

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