Medallionaire App

What is Medallionaire?

Medallionaire App is an automated, algorithmic trading system that is supposedly meant to predict the results of binary options by calculating the probable fluctuation of assets available for trade at any given time. Sadly, the Medallionaire app has a low precision rate which causes users to lose money rather than profit. Nonetheless, similar products available in the binary options market can help you earn money online.

Trading Technology is ranked as the top binary options automated software with the highest accuracy percentages that enable traders to generate consistent income. Free and operated only through safe and licensed brokers, Trading Technology is a more reliable and profitable choice compared to Medallionaire App. You should open your account now, make a first deposit and start trading within minutes.

How does Medallionaire App work?

The Medallionaire app is a very new software launched on January 2016. Although marketed as an innovation, the fact is that such systems are common in the online trading market and automated trading accounts for more than 50% of trades executed on major stock markets worldwide. It has become clear that computers can calculate trade results better than the average investor, and algorithmic trading is popular also among the most professional traders.

If you want to earn money and do so daily, you will need to choose a software that has proven results and the backup of the largest corporations in this field. Trading Technology has several advantages over the Medallionaire app, which we will explore in this review. Choose the right software and you can start earning money today with online trades performed by the robot.

The Medallionaire App also exaggerates when suggesting what values can be earned through binary trades. Although this financial derivative offers the highest yields, with up to 85% return rates per each single transaction, binary options remain a highly speculative investment that is both volatile and risky, even when using methods such as Medallionaire App.

This app claims to use sophisticated algorithms that perform complex calculations and are monitored by a large team of professionals. All those claims seem very improbable. Binary options have a very simple investment structure which requires three simple steps:

  1. Choosing one asset among the currencies, stocks, indices and commodities available on the trading platform.
  2. Deciding how much to invest, a sum that is always under your control.
  3. Predict if the value of the asset will be higher or lower when the option expires.

This simple methodology allows even the most inexperienced users to start enjoying the benefits of this investment immediately. Provided, of course, that they are using an automated software that offers accurate results.

Risk Management

Algorithmic systems such as the Medallionaire App are supposed to be used to increase the chances of success when trading binary options online. Since the Medallionaire app is meant to predict the results of transactions consistently at the highest level, such an outcome would result in larger profits and a diminishing of the risk factor inherent to binary trades.

Ultimately, the Medallionaire App doesn’t deliver on its promise, and that is one reason to prefer a proven software which has had success for an extended amount of time. Yet , there is another reason why Medallionaire App ads to the risk of your investment.

All automated trading robots are tools that can be used on a trading platform. Yet to operate on the platform, one must first open an account with a broker. Binary options brokers do not charge fees and most also offer several benefits. But there is a huge risk involved in opening an account with a company that is not properly regulated.

Binary brokers which are not regulated by financial authorities many times turn out to be scams. Since there is no supervision over these corporations, there is a danger of not being able to withdraw earning, a problem that many have faced in the past.

Trading Technology is an algorithmic software that can only be used when trading through StockPair, a fully licensed and reputable company that operates under strict rules imposed by the CySEC securities commission. On the other hand, Medallionaire App is available when trading with companies which are not regulated and this is a risk you should definitely avoid.

Medallionaire App Video Scam

A major concern when looking at the Medallionaire App is that this marketing video is telling a very big lie based on a very commendable truth. Here is why:

The video suggests that the Medallionaire App was developed by Nick Fimans. CEO of Rennaisance Technocorp, established in 1982. The story told in the video suggests that Fimans is a mathematician and pioneer in quantitative trading, and the developer of the Medallionaire Fund, a successful investment fund for the past several years.

This is a complete and total lie, but more disturbing, it is based on a true story. There is no Rennaisance Technocorp company, but there is a Rennaisance Technologies company. There is no Nick Fimans, but there is a James Simons, which indeed is a famed code breaker and a key figure in the development of quantitative trading. There has never been a Medallionaire App or Fund, yet the real Mr. Simons developed the very successful Medallion Fund, a private fund for employees of his firm.

Using a fake video to promote a product is a common approach. Many ads regularly present their merchandise in an environment that mimics a real situation. Yet the decision of Medallionaire App to confuse the viewer into believing they are dealing with a renowned company when in fact this is not true, leaves several questions marks and the suspicion that the entire offer is an internet scam.

Medallionaire App – Conclusion

  • Medallionaire App is an algorithmic robot that claims to use quantitative trading methods
  • Its purpose is to predict binary option transactions and thus help you earn money
  • In terms of performance, the Medallionaire App has not been very successful since being recently launched
  • There are quality software for automated binary trading
  • Trading Technology is considered the most precise tool. It’s free of charge and you can profit immediately after opening your account
  • Medallionaire App has a campaign that should be considered deceptive advertising and raises red flags
  • The App tries to confuse users into believing they are investing with the developers of Medallion Fund, a very successful private equity fund
  • There is no relation between these companies, therefore Medallionaire App could be considered a borderline fraud

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