Make Money Robot Review

Is Make Money Robot a scam or a real tool that generates profit?

What are the risks of this offer and how does it compare to the best trading bots in the binary options market?

Discover the truth about this software and protect your investment by choosing reliable tools for your trading experience.

What is Make Money Robot

This service seems to have several flaws that point towards a scam. If you want to earn an income through online trading, you need to choose a robot that is operated only through regulated binary options brokers. Automated trading software certainly helps you to earn money without the need of prior investment experience, provided the product you use is safe and reliable. The Trading Compass is the most advanced and trustworthy system in the online financial industry. Click here to sign up to it or read on to learn more. The Make Money Robot video raises several question marks, yet the easiest way of understanding the risks is by comparing it to the best bots in binary trading.

Trading robots are advanced technological tools that are specifically developed for the purpose of binary options trading. The Trading Compass is an example of a software that is only available through regulated and reliable brokers, and is therefore absolutely safe. Robots offer clients the opportunity to make money online, but serious companies do not promise exaggerated and unrealistic earnings. This video (see below) does not tell some incredible “life-changing” story, but rather concentrates on explaining how the system works. If you want to make money using a robot that is both reliable and successful, you should access Trading Compass directly, and open an account through recommended brokers.

Algobit by Optionbit is another example of a signals tool that can help you earn money in a safe and quick way. It was developed by OptionBit, one of the top binary options brokers worldwide. OptionBit is fully regulated and safe to invest with. Algobit is different than Make Money Robot and Option Navigator in that it does require you to actively trade through the trading platform, but its interface is easy to use and it has helped thousands of customers in achieving better results in online trading.

Meanwhile, Make Money Robot fails to offer any safety-net to users, and uses a bogus story to try to sell a product that has not been tested and has faced scam accusations immediately upon its release. More importantly, you are exposing yourself to the risk of investing with companies which are not properly licensed, and that in itself is an unnecessary risk you should always avoid.

Therefore, remember the two guidelines for choosing a profitable robot:

  1. A service offered through regulated financial corporations
  2. A software that helps you make money consistently, without unrealistic promises

Trading with Regulated Brokers

One key reason for doubting the veracity of Make Money Robot is the fact that this trading software and its developers have made no effort in protecting the investment funds of its clients. A serious trading bot can only be operated through regulated brokers, thus ensuring the safety of your financial investment.

Regulated brokers are companies which are fully regulated and supervised by the CySec and have the approval of all major financial authorities in Europe and the USA. As a result, any money you deposit when opening an account with such corporations is kept in a supervised account, that is monitored by the Financial Authorities as a guaranty that your money is protected and being invested through a reliable source.

Additionally, licensed companies frequently offer the highest payouts in binary options markets as well as professional financial advice from their account managers. You should only use an automated trading signals service such as Make Money Robot if it’s available through a safe broker. Otherwise, choose a system such as Trading Compass, which has proved to be reliable and efficient.

As long as Make Money Robot does not address the safety needs of customers, it has to be considered as a possible scam, and avoided. Not providing a safe trading environment to clients, especially when considering how volatile and speculative binary options are, is a clear sign of lack of professionalism.

Make Money Robot Risks

When listening to the Make Money Robot video, a few things become apparent:

  1. Michael Williamson, allegedly the person speaking in the video, a successful stock market broker, does not seem to exist. He has no profiles on any social media website. Scam alert.
  2. Make Money Robot is offered for free, and there does not seem to be a logical explanation as to why such an advantageous tool would be given free of charge. Could be a fraud.
  3. Although the video explains how the Make Money Robot was designed for stock market trading, it fails to explain why then it is being offered for binary options trading. These are two very distinct types of investments.
  4. The amount of money the Make Money Robot promises to its future users is unrealistic. Binary options are a indeed a high-income financial tool. But they also involve risk, and therefore the overall numbers promised by the video are very excessive.
  5. As with so many other scam videos, the format of the video follows a “personal story” which includes the idea of someone who was out of luck, then found a way to make easy money. 2014 Millionaire and Insured Profits are examples of similar scams.

Free Robot Offers

The reason many of this software, which at the end of the day were developed to help you make substantial amounts of money, are offered for free, is quite simple. The developers of such products are paid by the brokers, who are seeking to enlarge their market share, and need to offer potential customers interesting promotional offers.

The Make Money Robot is available at no cost for that same reason. Yet this will not help you at all, if the companies offering the product are potentially part of the scam. Caution is always necessary, and as explained above, the best way to protect your funds is to refrain from using Make Money Robot and choose a more reputable service.

Make Money Robot – Conclusion

It seems obvious that Make Money Robot is at the very least questionable. Even if it might not be a complete scam, but rather a means of convincing you to invest in binary options, why take the chance of doing so using an unsafe tool?

Binary options definitely can generate income for you, and there are indeed software that help the less experienced traders through automated trading. Bots can be a spectacular tool, provided you use them in a safe and supervised trading platform.

Therefore, systems such as Trading Compass or Algobit are a more reasonable and lucrative choice. To make money online, prefer those offers, which have been tested and are known to be reliable and operated through trustworthy brokers.

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