IQ Option Review

IQ Option Scam Allegations

IQ Option offers you the advantage of trading with a very high yielding financial derivative that can generate up to 92% profit for each trade. It is fully regulated by the proper authorities in Europe and Asia, and nonetheless suffers with accusations of scam. The good news is that IQ Option is legitimate and reliable, and also a perfect opportunity to make some money online. You can open an account with as little as 10 euro and start earning immediately.

The bad news is that the allegations of scam are a result of the false impression some people get that they will profit huge sums of money quickly and effortlessly. This is not true. There is also risk involved, and IQ Option is well aware of this risk, providing customers with several risk warnings as well as risk management tools. To understand what the dangers are and how to avoid them while generating income, you should understand the concepts of binary trading.

What are binary options?

When investing in binary options, you are given the opportunity to earn 92% with each trade. For example, if you execute an option for 10 euro with IQ Option, and your prediction is accurate, your 10 euro can become 19 euro within minutes. Of course, since IQ Option offers you the possibility of placing several trades at once, potentially, you can multiply your money several times a day.

Except that this is a wrong calculation. If this were the case, all traders would become millionaires, and this is a very unreasonable expectation. Actually, the odds in binary options trading are set slightly against the investor. For your investment to succeed, you need to accurately predict the outcome of more than half your transactions, 56% to be precise. This is not an easy rate to achieve.

Therefore, the more realistic goal that professional traders set for themselves, is to achieve a consistent and low level of profit. If you are able to maintain a 1% daily profit, it might seem to you as a very low number, compared to 92%. The interesting fact, though, is that a 1% daily return rate would transform 1000 euro into more than 1 million euro in two years. That is how smart users make money with IQ Option.

Not all customers have this understanding or patience. Their desire is to quickly make an easy profit, and many times, they end up losing the money they deposited. Then, frustrated, some accuse IQ Option, or other brokers, of scam. Yet the fact is, it is not a scam, but rather a serious and licensed company offering a high-risk/high-yield investment that, when used correctly, can generate excellent income.

Alternatives to IQ Option

Although IQ Option is safe and not a scam, you might feel uncomfortable as a result of the rumors about this company. If you still want to earn money online with binary trading, yet are unsure about IQ Option, then simply choose another regulated broker.

If what you are most concerned about is trust, your best choice will be TopOption, which is the largest and most popular corporation in this market. TopOption is very well known as the sponsor of several sports teams. Among others, this group sponsors the Arsenal soccer club in the Premier League.

Obviously, such a broker cannot possibly be a scam. Additionally, it is regulated by all major financial authorities in Europe, and is the only binary company that has been approved by Australian legislation as well. Clearly, it is a safe choice for your investment, and a broker that benefits from excellent reputation and respect. It is very easy to open an account, and nowadays, new customers are also receiving a 100% cash bonus.


Risk Management

There are four ways to manage risks when trading binary options, and all four systems are available through IQ Option:

  1. Use a demo account to practice before trading with real money
  2. Learn and apply innovative trading strategies
  3. Use only fully regulated brokers
  4. Start with lower sums to avoid loss

IQ Option is a licensed broker offering a free demo account to each user. It has an education segment on the site that focuses on teaching you the best strategies to transform your money into more money.

Opening an account with IQ Option can be done with as little as 10 euro. It is advisable to start with a bit more, since 10 is indeed a very low number. Yet most other brokers demand at least a 200-250 euro deposit to open an account. With IQ Option, you can start trading and earning immediately with a simple 10 euro investment.

Avoiding Internet Scams

Fraud through the internet is common and dangerous. To avoid being caught in a scam, you should follow some simple steps, such as verifying how easy it is to contact people from the company you are thinking of investing with. Or verifying under which jurisdiction is the site being run.

IQ Option are based in Cyprus, because it is through this country, which is part of the European Union, that binary options brokers obtain their regulation documents. They also operate offices in London and Seychelles, a country that offers certain tax exemptions and is therefore an attractive destination for many large financial corporations.

It is easy to contact an account manager to obtain information about binary options trading, and IQ Option personnel are well trained professionals who can also give general investment advice. You can trust this company’s legitimacy, or if you are still doubtful, experience their trading platform with a small 10 euro account.

IQ Option Review Conclusion

  • IQ Option is a binary options broker launched in 2013
  • It is among the largest companies in this field, offering a site in more than ten languages
  • IQ Option is safe, it is not a scam, and it is regulated by serious financial authorities
  • It is one of the only brokers that offer a free demo account to all clients
  • This is also the only company that allows you to open an account with as little as 10 euro
  • IQ Option offers four type of assets: equities, indices, commodities and currencies
  • The trading platform is very easy to handle and the interface is user friendly
  • No downloads are necessary, and users can start trading immediately after their account is funded

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