Investocopy Scam

What is Investocopy?

Investocopy is a site that allows members to automatically copy the binary options trades that are executed by other members. Users are rated according to accuracy and success, and therefore, copying the decisions made by the top-rated investors makes sense. Investocopy is essentially an opportunity to invest online in a safe and intelligent way without the need of having any prior knowledge. The system is free of charge and you should click here to open an account.

Is this a scam?

Investocopy isn’t a scam. It’s a social network. There is no cost in joining, there are no fees, and there is no need to open an account. Members can simply use demo-accounts and experience the thrill of trades using chips instead of money. Of course, such a choice will not enable you to earn any money.

The other option is opening a real trading account. This you can also do without any cost. The site redirects you to a binary options broker, where the account is activated. From that point forward, you can trade as you wish:

  1. Either execute your transactions manually, choosing the assets and making the predictions you understand to be best
  2. Or follow an expert trader and enjoy the same profit level that the top investors achieve

The only cost is a commission of 3% that is awarded to the trader being followed in the form of chips, not your real money, but only if his prediction is correct. All the real money you earn remains yours.

What is a binary options broker?

Investocopy is a network for connecting with fellow investors, learning from them and copying their choices. Investocopy is not a site that offers online trading services. Therefore, all members of Investocopy need to have opened their trading accounts elsewhere (if they have chosen to trade with real money and make real profits).

Investocopy is mindful of the scams and fraudulent activities which are common on the internet, and therefore maintains full control over which binary options brokers are part of its social network. A binary options broker offers the services of a trading platform, as well as other benefits such as free webinars, bonuses and other promotions. Yet the key to trading safely is using a regulated broker.

A regulated binary options broker is supervised by the CySEC, the European financial authority responsible for overseeing the financial activity of binary brokers. Thus, these licensed brokers are always under the watchful eye of your local authorities, who basically make sure all the investors money is readily available at all times in an account that can be controlled and monitored by the CySEC authority.

Therefore, not only is Investocopy not a scam, it is in fact a very safe way of trading online, and also an intelligent way of achieving great results quickly. You should click here to open your real money account with Investocopy through a regulated corporation.

Using Investocopy

Using Investocopy is very easy and essentially can be done in a few easy steps:

  • Signup to Investocopy by filling in this form
  • As soon as you register you are redirected to the main Investcopy page
  • 250 credits are added to your account
  • The credits allow you to follow and copy fellow trades. Yet, only with a fake, demo account
  • To profit from using Ivestocopy, click the “trade with real money” button
  • Investocopy will identify the best broker for you and a new window will open
  • Now you are ready to open and fund your real account
  • With the real account ready you can now follow real trades, copy them and earn

The top users will normally have a winning ratio of about 65%. Anyone with a ratio above 56% is probably earning a lot of money. The idea of Investocopy is to copy these users so that you too will benefit from the high rewards offered in binary options.

Yet when new and inexperienced members try to achieve similar results without assistance, binary trading may involve risk. This is how the scam allegations are spread.

Scam vs Risk

Trading binary options without using Investocopy or a powerful automatic trading software, demands actual knowledge about financial markets, assets, stocks and investment strategies. This is a system that offers extremely high returns on investment but it also is a high risk derivative.

Losing money is a real possibility when not understanding the speculative and volatile aspects of binary trades. With Investocopy all these factors are irrelevant, because you are trusting the expertise of traders whose results you can see and confirm. Yet when trying to make forecasts alone, the results can be negative.

This is the main reason why some users claim there is a scam in this market. The frustration of losing the money invested, especially when their expectation was to earn significantly, many times leads these members to complain about a fraud or scam.

Yet, there is no scam, since Investocopy is a free social network and binary options are an investment which is fully controlled by the investor. You always decide how much to invest, what level or risk to incur in and how much to protect your positions. Although losing money is a possibility, it should not occur to either professional trades or those smart enough to follow the top members of Investocopy.

Investocopy Scam Conclusion

  • To be considered a scam Investocopy would have to be a site that actually charges money in some way. Yet it is not.
  • This is a social trading network set up to help new online traders succeed to the same extent of the more experienced and professional users.
  • It is a very smart idea and thousands of users are joining in and enjoying the high rewards.
  • Investocopy is for use with binary options trading accounts. These are accounts opened through binary options brokers.
  • Investocopy only partners with regulated, safe and reputable brokers, guaranteeing that your money is protected.
  • Although you can simply use a demo account and execute virtual trades, in order to earn with Investocopy you need to open the actual trading account.
  • The minimum amount for opening an account varies between 200-250 euro. With the potential of multiplying this value several times, this is an excellent way to invest your money.

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