Insured Profits Review

Looking for a way to make money online?

Want to know if Insured Profits might be the system that will help you in benefiting from the high payouts offered in binary trading?

Discover now whether this automated trading system is a scam or a reliable way of making money online through binary options.

Insured Profits Comparison

There are two glaring reasons to consider Insured Profits a scam:

  1. It makes no effort to neither inform you nor assist you in trading with a regulated and safe broker.
  2. It is creepingly similar to another recent automated software, Binary Predictor, a scam probably operated by TraderXP, an unlicensed broker frequently accused of fraud.

Binary options trading is one of the most popular investment methods worldwide, and you most certainly can enjoy the very high payouts this financial derivative offers. This can be achieved either by learning binary trading strategies and risk management from an authorized broker, or using a reliable trading robot, such as Optionavigator.

As opposed to Insured Profits, Optionavigator is a signals automated tool that only allows regulated binary options brokers to offer its interface (currently for free). Concerned with the many bogus offers within the binary trading field, these software developers want to make sure their clients only use the product sheltered and assisted by a serious and licensed financial corporation. Although using the Navigator requires opening an account with a broker, you can sign onto this free system directly through their site, clicking here.

Another advantage of Optionavigator over Insured Profits is its worldwide success. This tool has been tested and approved by traders from virtually all over the globe, becoming the number one binary options brand in Germany, Netherlands and Italy, among others. With success and approvals coming from everywhere, it is easier to trust the proven results of this software, which does not require downloading.

Risks involving Insured Profits

Any automated trading device or signals service requires opening an account with a binary options broker. The problem with Insured Profits is that it does not mention the need to choose only regulated companies.

A properly regulated broker has to comply with rules and limitations imposed by a governmental financial authority. Optionavigator, for example, recommend to their users one broker each month. This month, they are suggesting opening an account with OptionWeb, the only company that is both fully licensed by all major European countries, as well as being a registered corporation on the Nasdaq OTC Bulletin Board. In other words, a very safe company for you to invest your money with.

Added to the advantage of using such a profitable system as Optionavigator for free, OptionWeb also offer the largest Education Center of the binary options field, professional investment advisers and a 100% cash bonus.


Meanwhile, Insured Profits mentions how it was able to create a software which supposedly cheats the system and the brokers by controlling the fate of trade results, without explaining how this is possible (because it isn’t). The video never explains how this is done, but we explain why you should be cautious.

Exposing Insured Profits

There is some very suspicious resemblance between the Insured Profits video and the Binary Predictor video.

  • Both claim to offer an inordinate and highly questionable level of profits
  • Both claim to have created a magic formula after finding a loophole in the system
  • Both claim they are offering this supposedly amazing software for free, but only to a limited amount of 100 customers who will receive “personal assistance”

Obviously, all this is purely a marketing scheme, most probably perpetrated by the same people. Meanwhile, serious offers to make money online, such as Optionavigator, lower the clients expectations, advice about the risks, and incentivate you to use a reliable broker, such as OptionWeb.

But this is not the only reason while Insured Profits should not be trusted. Its alleged inventors make the mistake of exposing in the video their full names. These names can be seen in the “documents” proving their success. Of course, a quick search in the internet reveals that this supposedly very successful and famous people do not exist.

In short, the entire presentation feels and seems to be false. You should be very concerned of a possible fraud here, and avoid Insured Profits, which is probably a scam. Even if it would possibly be reliable, to an extent, any binary options trading service, be it a robot or a signals service, operated through a non-regulated broker, can cause you enormous headaches, since the funds are neither safe nor guaranteed.

How Binary Options Work

The Insured Profits video does give a partially correct account of how binary options trading function. This financial tool is easy to use because it only requires users to choose between two sole possible outcomes:

  1. The asset selected will expire at a price higher than the purchase price ( a call option)
  2. The asset will expire at a price lower than the purchase price (put option)

Traders can profit regardless of the rise or fall of stock market prices, as long as they accurately predict the fluctuation of the chosen asset. There are four types of such assets to choose from: stocks, indices, commodities and currencies. Most automated robot, such as Insured Profits, will only allow users to trade with currencies, but Optionavigator allows you to create a diversified investment portfolio and operate with any of these four option groups.

While it is true that an accurate trade will create an average 75% payout (up to 85% on OptionWeb) while a wrong prediction will result in a 100% loss, it is exactly that differential which allows brokers to offer the high payouts. Also, it is what a true signals service should do, enable you to close the gap and make a consistent profit.

Insured Profits Review Summary

  • Insured Profits seems to be a scam. It most certainly is not an instrument capable of generating huge profits.
  • Luckily, there are reliable automated trading tools within the binary options market. You should always prefer those which are available only through regulated brokers.
  • Optionavigator is the leading binary bot, and has been praised by traders throughout Europe. This software is free but may only be used when opening an account with a licensed company.
  • Currently OptionWeb is the broker recommended by Optionavigator. Although apparently Insured Profits does not suggest which company to work with, there is reason to believe TraderXP is behind this possible fraud.
  • Similarities between the offers made by Insured Profits and Binary Predictor suggest that these two marketing frauds are correlated.
  • Binary trading is a real opportunity to profit online while trading from the comfort of your home, but it also involves risk.
  • Make sure to receive risk management support. Serious binary options corporations offer their clients such assistance.

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