EZTrader Scam

Is there an EZTrader scam?

Are binary options a profitable investment or a fraud?

If you want to make money with online trading , binary options can make your dream materialize . However, although this investment is highly rewarding, it can also be very risky. The choice of a trusted broker is critical to your success, and understanding how EZTrader compares to the best binary firms will help you make a successful decision. Read this EZTrader review to learn more.

Comparing the best binary brokers

So how does EZTrader compare to the most successful companies ? Our review reveals that this trader is considered the leading financial scam of the binary options markets in the UK and Australia.  The EZTrader site is a dangerous place for your investment, and not the place to learn trading strategies and become familiar with binary options investment methods.

However, there are other excellent binary brokers you can select. The list is short, but these are really the best binary options companies:

24Option offers a free ecourse, additional educational tools and an extensive list of assets that you can invest and profit with. The amount of currencies, stocks, commodities and indices with which you build your investment portfolio is the key to profiting from the different market situations, and therefore, the variety of options available in the list is a great advantage. This experienced and reliable binary options company, the second largest broker globally, is the only one that offers the most advanced signals service tool for free. An amazing automated trading mechanism, it will allow you to identify and profit from unique market opportunities. In addition to all this advantages, 24Option is a regulated and safe financial institution. A perfect choice for your online success:

UBinary is a highly regarded financial corporation investing heavily in providing you with the necessary tools to earn money online. Unlike the scam operated by EZTrader, this broker has transparency and gives plenty of assistance to all customer, with one on one trading, free risk trades, signal services and much more. Considered the top broker in 2015, UBinary also offers the highest return rates, at 95% per trader

Banc de Binary, a leading binary options broker, offers an Education Center complete with more than 80 videos, tutorials and e-courses. This company is the official sponsor of the Liverpool FC soccer team, and the largest UK binary broker. With the guidance of experienced and qualified investment advisers, this is a perfect choice for those who want to take this investment opportunity seriously and win consistently. Banc de Binary also offers a cash bonus when you make your first deposit, so that you start your trading experience with more money in your account:

bbinary banner

You can and should choose reliable companies which offer the security and seriousness you deserve, such as Ubinary or Banc de Binary. As soon as you open your account with these companies, you also get a generous cash bonus, while benefiting from the highest payouts in the binary market.

But what distinguishes EZTrader as a scam when compared to other brokers are three things:

  1. It will soon lose its regulation and licensed both in the European Union and the UK by the FCA and CySEC financial authorities, as a result of fraud and wrong doing.
  2. With EZTrader you have no access to professional financial specialists who help you learn how to make the best decisions and increase profitability. This broker has created a horrible reputation by hiring unprofessional analysts and the safety and assistance you receive are deceitful.
  3. EZTrader lacks transparency in revealing the true nature of binary options and the risk inherent to this type of investment.

With a reputation of being a scam, low standards in customer services and an outdated trading platform, EZtrader your worst choice, and is surely a broker worth avoiding.

Is EZTrader legit?

EZTrader is one of the largest and best known binary options brokers worldwide. It has been very successful in the UK, and used to be the fastest growing firm in Europe. But is it reliable? Your decision to invest money with this company is important, and we want to provide detailed information on the pros and cons of working with EZTrader.

Always remember that binary options are highly speculative. What does this mean? That in binary trading, most traders make their investment decisions based on guesswork rather than verifiable financial data. You should avoid these unreliable methods, and learn how to create serious income with online investment tools.

Only a handful of companies offer binary options traders this opportunity. These brokers are those who provide customer with a series of instructional tools that enable you to understand how to benefit from consistent profits. Not coincidentally, it is with these companies that clients make real money. Is EZTrader one of these few, serious companies?

About EZTrader

EZTrader is owned by Win Global Markets ( WGM ), which acquired the brand in 2011. Operating since 2009, EZTrader immediately made ​​an impact on the market by offering an exclusive trading platform and a then efficient customer service.

WGM had been part of the binary options field since its inception in 2008. The company, with subsidiaries throughout Europe, eventually established its base of operations in Cyprus, a measure designed to reduce the fiscal costs and acquire regulation.

This is the only binary options corporation quoted on the NASDAQ OTC Bulletin Board . Although FINRA ( American Financial Regulatory Aothority) offers some limited services for OTC regulation, companies are not subject to corporate governance. Therefore, the fact that EZTrader is quoted by this list of values ​​is not an important sign of seriousness or commitment to financial transparency.

Since 2013, EZtrader is fully regulated by all major financial authorities, including CySEC, which governs binary trading in Europe, as well as the FCA, responsible for financial supervision in the UK. It was also that year that EZTrader began a series of successful sponsorship deals with major sports clubs. From there, it was all downhill, as the company has progressively shown to lack moral standards and is extremely unsafe. It is under investigation by the mentioned financial authorities.

As recently as September 2015, this market leader continues to worry investors, who see in it an unstable and unlawful binary broker. Watch the video below to understand why this is not a reliable company:

EZTrader Complaints

With so much success and reputation as the leading brand in the binary field, why is EZTrader always involved in allegations of fraud ? Complaints about the company are not uncommon in the forums and social networking sites, and in spite of the fact that negative reviews are less frequent than those directed towards smaller brokers, such can still be found. Why?

As explained above, binary trading is risky. As a responsible trader, you must understand that any investment that offers the opportunity to earn a 95% payment in minutes implies a level of uncertainty. That’s why many unsuspecting investors seeking quick profits end up losing their money to hasty decisions. These individuals then complain about the results as if the brokers have deceived them. Is this a just allegation of fraud?

That depends mainly on the company that you choose. A serious firm such as any of the ones recommended above, clearly informs traders about the risks involved, and provides educational tools and risk management consultancy, thus selling binary options for what they are: a highly profitable, highly volatile investment.

Other companies, such as EZTrader, avoid such transparency, describing binary trading as a foolproof investment which results in huge immediate benefits. Although not an outright fraud, this misleading marketing is a questionable attitude that sometimes could justify classifying these companies as scams. EZTrader certainly does fit this negative tag. It has proven to be a broker lacking in professional and reliable work ethic. Reviewing the EZTrader site, we found no real risk warnings and explanations of how to avoid loss and trade with caution.

EZTrader Scam Summary

  • EZTrader was launched in 2009 and since 2011 is owned by Win Global Markets
  • Based in Cyprus, WGM is quoted on Nasdaq, but is very unsafe and is currently an unreliable company, involved with online financial scams since 2001
  • Trading on the OTCBB does not provide customers with a full warranty
  • EZTrader compares very poorly with most binary options trading companies, and is regarded as a major fraud in this field
  • EZTrader is one of the very few binary brokers which developed and uses it’s own trading platform
  • This trading platform has been criticized by numerous traders
  • You are better of choosing a company such as 24Option, which gives you the tools necessary to overcome speculation and earn money
  • This is one of a small number of binary brokers that you cannot trust and should not invest with

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