EZTrader Review

Is EZTrader a reliable broker?

EZTrader is known to be the largest UK binary options broker. This financial corporation is among the top institutions in worldwide, and is fully licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom. It is also regulated by CySEC throughout Europe. Nonetheless, it is at high risk of losing both licenses due to serious fraud allegations. EZTrader offers an investment that can generate very high profits, but doesn’t gives customers the tools needed to succeed while avoiding unnecessary risk. If you want to earn money trading online, prefer companies such as 24Option. To open your trading account with a reliable broker click here.

Safety-First Policy

A distinction of EZTrader is their policy of not placing the safety of your investment ahead of any other factor. When you make your deposit, the money should therefore be automatically transferred to an account held and supervised by the CySEC regulatory authority, which guarantees that EZTrader will not have access to your funds, other than the amount owed to them. Yet, it is not.

The rest of your balance might be growing, but not safely, and can’t be easily accessed or withdrawn by you when you so desire. By using this system, EZTrader is giving its clients the ultimate reason to suspect scam, and causing them to generate profits through the trading platform of better financial institutions.

Binary Options in the UK

EZTrader is not the leader of the binary trading market in the UK and has a small number of British traders. It therefore maintains no account managers who specialize in giving you advice that fits the profile of investors in Britain.

In the UK, binary options is seen by some as a true investment opportunity, while other consider it to be binary betting, because of the high level of risk involved in this financial derivative. Since binary trading enables you to benefit from huge return rates, it should be regarded as a high-risk / high-reward system. Nonetheless, with the vast help given by serious companies, its clients have had enormous success.

EZTrader Platform

It all starts with the platform which includes four types of options from which to choose:

  1. Currency
  2. Indices
  3. Stocks
  4. Commodities

The variety of assets will allow you to take advantage of all the opportunities that become available during a trading session. EZtrader also offer a bogus free signals service, which furthermore increases your chance to lose money.

The signals sent by EZtarder should alert you of trades that can be executed in real time with a high probability of success. This is done by a software that follows the development of stock market oscillations and identifies a chance to invest in a profitable binary option. Yet, the signals offered do not work.

When opening your online account, consider starting out with 500 pounds, which will make you eligible for multiple VIP promotions and benefits with most companies, such as 24Option, the sponsor of the Juventus Football Club. Nonetheless, choosing to start with a lesser value will in no way diminish your chances of success.

The Education Center

While ultimately not benefiting from the high yields offered by EZTrader, you should also make an effort to slowly learn more about online trading, binary options strategies and risk management techniques. This information and much more is not available through EZTrader’s education center.

This segment of the EZTrader site includes articles, videos, ebooks and other material, as well as an occasional free trading webinar, all designed to keep you misinformed and wrongly educated about the economy, trends, financial investments and ways to leverage your money and earn consistently.

If you are, nonetheless, lacking in knowledge about investments and feel that numbers are not your strong suit, binary trading can still be an excellent venue for you to add an extra income.

How to Trade Options

EZTrader has adopted a system that involves three easy steps through which trades are executed fully.

  1. Choosing an asset. You do not have to have any specific interest or knowledge about the asset you select, regardless of it being a stock or a commodity, etc.
  2. Ascribing a value to your binary option. This allows you at all times to define exactly how much you are investing at every moment.
  3. Predicting the outcome of the option. Options expire within an average of 15 minutes. By then you need to decide whether the asset you choose will go up or down in value.

Making a decision regarding the outcome of trades is very easy, because there are only two possible results: the asset rising or declining in price. Choose one, and each time your prediction is accurate, you are rewarded anywhere between 67% and 95%. This allows you to double your money in a short time.

EZTrader Reputation

EZTrader is one of the least reputable financial corporations in Europe, largely because of its terrible customer service and unprofessional approach to online investments. Nonetheless, it has also gained fame as a result of the many scam allegations against it.

EZTRader logos can be spotted in the uniforms and/or stadiums of severalsoccer teams throughout Europe. Recently, in March 2015, EZTrader has began its sponsorship of Swedish League side, AIK. This will give Swedish clients special bonuses as an EZTrader member, such as the opportunity to receive: free tickets to games, free team collectible items etc. .

This is not the first such relationship EZTrader has developed, yet all these are at risk since there are strong rumors that EZTrader will need to be shut down as a result of poor performance.

Another negative aspect of all these initiatives is that they strengthen EZTrader’s reputation as a scam and unreliable company, which you should never trust with your investment nor chose as your binary options broker.

EZTrader Mobile Apps

Binary options trading can really impact your finances and allow you to generate an additional income. The dynamics of this financial derivative are such that this can be achieved within a relatively short span.

You do not need to set apart several hours of your day for binary trading. In fact, your funds can grow throughout the day at any time, within minutes. Since the trading platform includes stocks and commodities from various markets around the world, you can trade practically 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

Understanding that most of its customers are busy during most of the day, EZTrader developed modern apps that allow you to trade from your cellular phone whenever you wish, and for as long as you wish. You can execute a couple of trades while taking a coffee break at home, or engage in an entire trading session opening multiple positions while riding the bus. One way or another, you can always be connected to the thrill of online trading.

The EZTrader apps are somewhat outdated and as of September 2015 are full of bugs both in Apple and Android cell phones.

Avoiding unnecessary risk

With professional and regulated brokers other than EZTrader and the high yield they offer, binary options trading are your path to a better financial future. Yet, any high-return investment must be accompanied by a similar level of risk. You should not expect to earn such excellent yields if you are not prepared to take some calculated, yet existent, risk.

EZTrader is aware of this factor, yet has made no important effort to alert users of the possibility of loss, as well as offer advice about trading strategies and risk control systems, which minimize potential loss.

Once you have used the platform, executed some trades and become more acquainted with how binary options function, make sure to contact your account managers, or read about risk control. In the EZTrader education center or online magazine there is little such information, if any. This information has been made available to you in order to protect your investment, and thus it is advisable to read it.

EZTrader Review Conclusion

  • EZTRader is a most unreliable binary options broker, and a dangerous scam in the United Kingdom
  • It offers a multitude of service for benefiting from online trading and earning money
  • EZTrader is not safe, with its regulation and license by several financial authorities, which should provide a guarantee to your funds, at risk
  • This is both a scam and an unwise investment. It is a volatile and speculative type of derivative
  • Other brokers do assist you in overcoming risks through tutorials, advice and educational material
  • Open today a 500 pound account to receive, among others, a cash bonus
  • If such value is high for you, open the account with a smaller value, and start trading. With the right advice and some beginner’s luck, 500 pound will soon be a small amount for you

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