EmpireOption Scam

Worried about an EmpireOption Scam?

Wonder if digital options are an actual investment?

Is there money to be made with binary options?

You can certainly earn an additional income trading binary options, yet you could also lose your investment funds with this financial tool. Which one will it be?

If you want to generate profits and multiply your money, you should be aware of the following:

  1. There are major risks involved in binary trading
  2. Learning how to avoid this risks is the key to your success
  3. You need to know how to analyze the reliability of Empireoption
  4. Discovering the best binary options brokers increases your profits

Is EmpireOption a scam?

If you are interested in binary options trading you have probably heard about EmpireOption, a large binary corporation . Are they running a scam, or are they a legitimate binary options broker ?

That is not the question you need to ask yourself, but rather:

EmpireOption promises me that I can earn money online, is this true?

The answer to this question is: there are more reliable companies to choose from.

Soon you will see the dangers of working with EmpireOption. First you must understand how the binary options market functions and determine who is a fraud and who gives you an excellent opportunity to benefit from this investment. Here is an example of brokers who are more reliable, and an explanation of how they benefit you.

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24Option has an Education Center that creates the best results in the market by far and has been praised continuously by traders worldwide. Through their various free tutorials you will learn how to increase profits and reduce risks. In terms of professionalism, 24Option is a notch above the rest and has the financial advisers that you need in order to succeed with your investment. 24Option also offers you the highest payouts in the market: 85 % per transaction. It is also the only binary options broker to be both regulated by the CySec and the UK authorities. This serious and reliable company offers you a cash bonus for any amount you deposit. Partner with 24Option now and start profiting:

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What is EmpireOption?

This company began operations in mid-2010. Although this might seem like a short time, it actually indicates that this broker is quite experienced, since binary options have only been around since late 2008.

EmpireOption’s uniqueness is the fact that it focuses its efforts in Latin countries, in which it dominates the market. Its presence is significant in countries such as Spain, Brazil and Mexico. Therefore, if you are a trader who speaks Spanish or Portuguese, this would see your natural choice. Unless EmpireOption scam news are true.

One aspect that raises a red flag is that the company is not properly regulated, but markets itself as having a regulatory license. EmpireOption is a Uruguayan company owned by RiverJor S.A.. It implies on its site that its regulation is a consequence of following the guidelines of the Republic of Uruguay. Why is this misleading?

There is a difference between being a company that operates legally within its country, such as EmpireOption, and one that has financial regulation and complies with the demands of a regulatory body, in most cases a government office, which requires financial guarantees to protect the money of investors. Companies such as 24 Option have an amount of money deposited with the CySEC, that serves as a collateral that all traders will have access to their money if need be. EmpireOption is not regulated, and this is a big disadvantage.

EmpireOption Fraud Facts

EmpireOption is a white label binary broker, like most other companies worldwide. In other words, EmpireOption uses the services of an existing trading platform, in this case developed by SpotOption.

Is this a problem or a sign of a scam? No, on the contrary, it only shows that EmpireOption has absolutely no direct control over individual transactions. Moreover, SpotOption are by far the largest providers of binary trading platforms worldwide, and the fact that EmpireOption is one of its biggest customers, is a good sign.

But the regulation issue, and the fact that it provides very little educational tools to its traders, is a liability. The best brokers are those who help you by giving you the most modern and effective tools with which to improve your trading skills. The fact that EmpireOption is not part of this select group of binary companies is a bad sign.

Understanding Binary Options

These financial derivative is an online investment only, created to meet the needs of the fast paced mentality traders expect nowadays. As is expressed also on the EmpireOption site, this is a high risk investment that gives you the opportunity to create big profits.

Binary options are very short-term instruments , which can lead to results in as little as a minute. EmpireOption offer the 60 Second Option, indeed a transaction that last but a minute from start to finish.

Online binary options are not tradeable and do not have a fluctuating value. This means that the binary value of an option is set by the trader at the time of purchase. If you decide to invest $ 100 in a specific option, then its value will be $100. This value will not increase or decrease. The minimum value of a trade at EmpireOption is about $24.

Binary options are essentially predictions of how a particular financial asset will behave. You may choose from a list of stocks, commodities, currencies and indices and the select your prognosis of how that outcome will perform by the expiry time of the option you bought.

The name binary options stems from the duality of these forecasts. Each choice you make can have one of two results: your prediction can be right, or wrong, hence – binary.

Binary Options – Benefits

Despite the constant talk about an EmpireOption scam which will be discussed shortly, binary options trading , as an investment, has distinct advantages. The benefits are:

    • You control the risk factor: the trader can decide how much money to invest in each individual binary option
    • You do not have to accompany price fluctuations: options have no independent value, the price cannot increase or decrease. They purchase price is a fix value, according to your choice
    • The result is pre -set: a wrong prognosis carries no remuneration, a right prognosis is rewarded significantly
    • No waiting period. Unlike many of the investments in which rates are set by the passing of time , binary options have very short expiries. Typically, less than 30 minutes .
    • Accessibility. You may be waiting in line to see a movie, and during that time, select the option, make the prediction and purchase, track the results and be rewarded .

EmpireOption Scam – Rumors or Reality?

If binary options are so easy to understand and operate, why the negative fame? Although certain binary options brokers use very questionable techniques, the main reason why binary options are identified as a scam is because there are many traders who lose money.

If you want to avoid being part of this statistic, treat options trading seriously and do not expect it to be a fast track to easy riches. You need to trade carefully and be aware of investment strategies in order to have true success in this field.

However, since most traders make the mistake of considering trading platforms as a source of immediate and easy income, they fail. From that stage and to a point where brokers are accused of spam, the distance is small.

Another reasons to consider the rumors of an EmpireOption scam, or of any binary options broker, is the level of precision required to begin making a profit. Binary options traders need to succeed in at least 55 % of their operations in terms of total value, to keep their investment intact .

This is a significant percentage. There aren’t many financial tools that require such accuracy only to guarantee the investment funds. On the other hand, not many tools offer suge huge yields either. You must understand that great profits do not come without a great risk.

EmpireOption Scam Summary

Most of the complaints about an EmpireOption scam are likely the result of unhappy customers who did not properly prepare themselves for this type of online trading. Without the proper knowledge or necessary precaution it is very difficult to succeed with this financial derivative. In that sense EmpireOption is not a fraud, just a company that offers a risky yet profitable financial tool.

Nonetheless, EmpireOption is not truly regulated, and therefore investing your money with this company is simply not as safe as it would be with binary brokers that have a means to actually guarantee your investments.

More so, you should prefer the companies that offer the largest amount of assistance, free and professional financial advice and profitable investment tools. EmpireOption is not a top company on any of those counts, and until it become one, probably not the best destination for you money.

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