Dr. Binary

What is Dr. Binary ?

This is a software operating an automated trading robot. It is supposed to predict the results of trades on a binary trading platform and transform a small initial investment into a fortune. Initial indications are that this system is not reliable and could be a scam. If you are serious about earning money online, there are well-known free software that automatically perform trades and calculations for you. These systems have been in the market for some time, and have been consistently generating profits for users. The most recommended among these is Trading Technology, which is sponsored through regulated broker StockPair. Safe and successful, you can start using it within minutes by opening your account now.

Is Dr. Binary a Scam?

Dr. Binary is definitely not an entirely true story. Its promotional video and marketing are certainly a fake promotion to create an interest in the final product: the trading software. It is a bit early to know whether this tool in itself is a fraud or an actual binary options robot, yet there are some facts that are already clear about Dr. Binary:

  1. There is no Dr Binary, that is just an imaginary character
  2. Not all brokers offering the software are licensed, which is a huge risk
  3. Automated robots do not require much learning, so the product contradicts itself

The idea behind trading robots is to offer inexperienced traders the opportunity to join the online market even without any know-how or abilities. A top notch software should be able to operate automatically with little to no help from the user.

Therefore, the idea that there need be learning in order to understand how the software is operates seems to negate the reason for which such tools are developed: automated transactions.

Learning about Binary Options

Dr. Binary is a system that attempts to take advantage of the high return rates available in the binary trading platforms. Each option expires within 15 minutes and can yield an average of 75% profit immediately. Such attractive gains cause many to try and develop a system that will ensure such riches and minimize risk.

Yet, binary options are risky, and need to be, otherwise companies could not afford to offer such formidable rewards.This financial derivative allows investors to predict the values of stocks, commodities, indices and currencies without the need to buy any of these assets. Yet the investment remains a volatile and speculative type of tool.

Algorithmic robots can diminish this risk considerably, provided they are capable to anticipate the price oscillations of stocks to a reasonable degree. In order to become profitable, Dr. Binary needs to offer corrects predictions at least 60% of the time, consistently. Apparently, this is not happening. And although the Dr. Binary package should help users better understand binary options and thus perform smarter trades, truly advanced systems achieve success without the need of previous knowledge.

Dr. Binary Tutorials

It takes professional traders years to be able to forecast the price changes of stocks on a quarterly basis. Therefore, being able to predict slight changes in asset values that occur within minutes during one trading session is a task for top investors. The idea suggested by the Dr Binary system, of teaching new traders such specialized professional ability, is completely unreasonable.

Dr. Binary cannot translate years of experience and a grasp of intricate finances into a few simple online lessons. It is precisely because binary options are so hard to predict that users prefer automated robots anyhow. Such software accurately suggests trade results based on the following steps:

  1. The software is constantly scanning stock markets worldwide, gathering data.
  2. This data is stored for comparison within the software. In other words a robot such as Trading Technology can always compare current market movements to past similar situations.
  3. Using sophisticated calculations based on the algorithms developed by the software programmers, all these numbers are used to eventually detect an opportunity for profit.
  4. The software then either executes the transaction, or suggest the trade to the investor, which can then access his trading platform and buy the option.

Therefore, Dr Binary has nothing to “teach” users. Automated trading robots are exactly that: software that automatically can choose assets and perform trades. Its mathematical formulas need to be complex in order to succeed, and Dr. Binary can’t possibly transform an inexperienced person into a math genius. Nor is there a need for that.

Successful Trading Software

Dr. Binary is a new system with a twist in its marketing approach, being branded as not only a software, but a learning opportunity. As explained before, there is not much to learn when using a system that was developed essentially to run automatically and assist those who have no knowledge about investments.

Yet, besides Dr Binary there are several free offers for binary options trading robots. In fact, many of those are fake, and are considered to be an internet scam, such as ultimate4trading, a fraud perpetuated by EZTrader, a large broker. A select few, however, are excellent and successful. Using them will not bring the unreasonable riches mentioned by the DR Binary video, although you can profit several thousand dollars monthly using that software.

Trading Technology is the most accurate binary options trading software, completely automated and using artificial intelligence to continuously enhance its ability to predict trades. This software is currently free and offering a lifetime subscription and welcome bonus for new user. It partners only with regulated brokers that are supervised by local financial authorities.

MoneyMultiplier is another top robot, available in multiple languages and executing trades at a highly profitable rate. With it, you can start earning money today without any prior experience, minutes after opening your trading account. This software likewise is licensed and safe, with an outstanding reputation in the financial markets.

Dr. Binary – Conclusion

  • Dr. Dinary is a new software for trading binary options automatically.
  • This offer is very recent and there isn’t enough data to corroborate its efficiency.
  • Nonetheless, the marketing of this product is misleading which raises doubts about its legitimacy.
  • There isn’t an actual Dr Binary, and there is no need to learn how to use a software that selects and executes trades automatically.
  • Since this offer might not be a safe option, it is recommended to prefer tested and successful binary software instead.
  • Trading Technology is the most advanced free robot, operating with reputable brokers. Open your account and make a first deposit to start enjoying the profits it can generate.

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