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Collecting Profits Software

Collecting Profits is a software developed for trading binary options online automatically. In other words, without need of any knowledge or ability to understand financial trends and investment systems. This type of software is called a trading robot, or bot, and it allows you to earn money from the high payouts offered in binary trading. Sign up and open an account through the Collecting Profits site.

Is Collecting Profits Safe?

Binary options is a high-reward/high-risk investment that allows you to receive up to 95% yields within minutes. Of course, there is risk involved, but the Collecting Profits algorithms were designed to lower your risk and increase your profit margin.

Yet another aspect of the safety of your investment is working with a reliable company. In that sense, Collecting Profits is completely safe, because it only authorizes fully regulated binary options platforms to use its software. Each month, one licensed broker is recommended by the Collecting Profits developers. Nowadays the chosen company is OptionWeb, known as the largest and most trustworthy company in the industry. OptionWeb is under the supervision of the CySEC financial authority in the European Union, and is therefore totally safe. Offering multiple benefits, such as a welcome cash bonus, OptionWeb is a serious corporation, and a leader in the online trading markets. Obviously a safe choice for you, and the type of corporation that will accompany you once you open your account.

One of the flaws of similar automated robots is that they are not careful in choosing a company that will protect the investment of its clients. In that sense, Collecting Profits has made sure to guarantee that your funds are in reliable hands.

How does Collecting Profits work?

To succeed in binary options trading clients need to correctly predict the outcome of transactions with short term expiry . Within fifteen minutes, a 100 dollar investment can turn into 180. If the prediction is incorrect, the money invested in the specific option is lost.

In such circumstances, there are two facts that stand out as the keys to achieving success:

  1. The best way to earn money from binary options trading is a consistent level of accuracy
  2. The ultimate goal is a formula that generates correct predictions

This is where Collecting Profits comes into play, and modifies the risk and odds in your favor. Using advanced algorithms and high tech tools, the software is able to follow the stock markets and analyze its activity in real time. By cross-checking data and historic trends, the Collecting Profits service is able to recommend trade results which you can activate simply by clicking on the highlighted trade.

Collecting Profits Testimonials

Another reason to trust Collecting Profits is the growing number of traders that have approved this tool and the results it brings. Collecting Profits can be used by you even if you lack any experience in online investing. Nonetheless, professional traders who have turned binary options into their main source of income are always looking for new signal services and trading strategies to improve their results.

A review of Collecting Profits users testimonials reveal that this software, which was developed for Australian traders while considering their investment profile, is able to indeed create profit and a regular income. Of course, even then, it is imperative that you always take into consideration the risk factors. No financial derivative can offer such high gains unless it involves certain volatility and is speculative in nature. Yet the early success of Collecting Profits is a strong indication that it is worthwhile to start using this free trading software.

What are the risks of trading online

For an investment to be able to offer yields of 75% in average, it must be accompanied by a level of risk that includes the total loss of the invested funds. Therefore, one must treat such an opportunity in a realistic way and understand that there is also the possibility to lose the money that was invested.

Therefore, you should make a calculated risk and invest amounts of money that you can afford to lose. Then again, it is possible to avoid loss by following some basic risk management guidelines:

  • Never remain in a trading session if you have lost more than 20% of your capital
  • Preferably exist the trading platform if you have achieved a 10% gain
  • Use regulated brokers only
  • Improve your odds using innovative trading tools

That is why Collecting Profits is such a helpful addition to your trading strategy. With it, binary options have become the perfect venue for creating an additional income and improving your finances.

Binary trading basics

Even if you are completely new to online trading, Collecting Profits allows you to make money. The main reason this is possible, besides the simplicity of the software and its user-friendly interface, is the structure of digital trades.

The steps necessary for trading options are defined and remain always the same:
Choose an asset, define and investment value, and make a prediction.

Binary options assets are divided into four categories: stocks, indices, currencies and commodities, and if you have no idea how to select one over the other, do not worry. Collecting Profits can perform this step for you.

The value you invest in each trade can be determined by the size of your account. If you open a 1000 dollar account, trades of 50 euro each should be just about right. Yet you can start by making a 200 dollar deposit and slowly work your way up to the larger numbers.

The last stage is the one which involves using the power of Collecting Profits. The software, which does not require downloading, highlights the recommended result on each individual trade, so that all you need to do is click on the highlighted option and wait for the results and ensuing profits.

Collecting Profits Newest Version

Another important factor for a software to be efficient is keeping up with market developments and innovations. Collecting Profits is constantly researching ways to upgrade its algorithms and formulas, and in June 2015, it has launched its new version.

The new Collecting Profits software continues to offer some basic qualities that make your life easier:

  1. It does not demand downloading or installation
  2. It is automatically incorporated into the trading platform of the broker with which you open your account
  3. It suggests trades for all types of options
  4. It is completely free of charge

While the changes to the Collecting Profits upgrade might not be visible, they are very relevant. With new technology and a massive improvement in the speed at which it collects data in real time, this software is mastering the art of predicting trades, and offering you the best chance of earning money online.

Algorithmic Trading Advances

Algorithmic trading is the name given to the transactions performed as a result of mathematical calculations performed by software. This type of procedure is very common in all facets of financial markets, and has grown significantly in the binary trading field. The main benefit of algorithmic trading is the improved results it can attain in predicting the evolution of markets.

Collecting Profits has always been an algo-trading software, yet now it has incorporated the most advanced type of technology: artificial intelligence. This addition to the already precise Collecting Profits software has transformed a great product into a constantly ascending mechanism.

With its new feature, Collecting Profits now analyzes not only stock market data, but also its own performance. It is capable of verifying what was its degree of success and calculate why certain trades were incorrectly prognosticates. Most importantly, it then retouches it own formulas, to lead them to better results, based on its developing experience.

Collecting Profits Australian Profile

Collecting Profits is the only binary options automated robot programmed and built to serve the Australian markets. It was tested to perform at its best during the peak periods of Australian online trading hours. It is also the only such software to execute trades and predictions involving multiple Australian assets, as well as the local currency, of course.

Obviously, the trading platform offers assets according to availability. Although the best brokers in the business, those associated with Collecting Profits, have more than 100 different assets on their list, not all these stock, commodities and indices are available for trading at all times.

The reason is simple: for an asset to be made available, the stock market carrying this specific asset must be open and functioning. Thus, during those hours in which European or American stock markets are closed, the amount of trades that can be performed diminishes.

Unless, of course, you have opened your account with Collecting Profits, which as was explained, was developed for Australians. While the full scope of availability also depends on the broker, you are ensured a better chance of success when using a robot devised for succeeding in this geographical location.

How to open an account

Opening an account with Collecting Profits is easy and fast. This is a software, not a platform provider, so the account itself is opened and managed through a regulated binary options brokers. You do not have to worry about selecting the broker. Just go to the Collecting Profits site and start the signup process. You will be automatically redirected to the suitable broker where you will make your deposit. The minimal value is 200 dollars, although 500 dollars will give you a better chance of benefiting from the various features offered by Collecting Profits.

Once you open your account, you can immediately access the trading platform, where you will see the highlighted trades, indicating that the software is already working and suggesting the best opportunities for you. Although it is smart to follow these suggestions, remember that you are always in full control of your investment, and can choose to manually operate the platform, disregarding the predictions being made by Collecting Profits.

Collecting Profits Conclusion

  • Collecting Profits uses advanced algorithmic formulas to predict trade outcomes
  • It was designed specifically for use in binary options trades in Australia
  • This automated bot has made headlines for the results it is generating
  • You can trust this software service, which is free of charge
  • Collecting Profits can only be used with regulated binary brokers
  • Regulated companies are supervised by financial authorities and are safe corporations
  • Reviews of the performance of Collecting Profits have been very positive
  • A new and upgraded version of the software is available since June 2015
  • As part of the launching of the update, you are offered a lifetime free subscription
  • Binary trading is nonetheless risky and requires proper caution

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