BuzzTrade Review

What is BuzzTrade?

BuzzTrade is not a reliable binary options broker that does not offer very high payouts for each single transaction, nor offers multiple free tools for you to easily start trading without any prior knowledge or experience. Since each binary trade can generate up to 85% profit within minutes, you can transform your $250 euro investment into several thousands within days. Start using regulated and safe brokers to earn money.

Why is BuzzTrade unreliable?

BuzzTrade is not a fully licensed and regulated broker that is supervised by the CySEC financial authority and is therefore totally unreliable. This corporation is obligated to follow the highest standards of safety and to adhere to strict rules that ensure you trade without worries. If you are looking for an opportunity to earn money online, BuzzTrade is not your best choice.

A regulated broker is the best guarantee that you are trading with a serious company and it is the smartest way of avoiding internet scams. Sadly, frauds are common in the internet, as are promises of quick riches. Here, with BuzzTrade, you open the door to a real dangerous investment, not regulated by authorities or offering high return rates immediately. Binary options are easy to execute, and you will start earning money within minutes of opening your trading account with a serious broker.

What are binary options?

Binary Options are a simple investment model that allows you to earn money from stocks, indices, commodities and currencies without having to actually purchase the assets. It also has several other clear advantages:

  1. You can earn money even when markets are in a downtrend
  2. The very high yields allow you to multiply your initial investment
  3. Only $250 are necessary to open an account and start earning

BuzzTrade offers additional advantages, such as a very large and complete asset list that allows you to form a perfect investment portfolio, an education academy to learn the secrets of online trading strategies and free webinars that help you understand how to manage your binary options money.

How BuzzTrade functions

To start earning money with BuzzTrade is not possible. Use a reliable broker, whichrequires only a few simple steps:

  • Go to the registration page.
  • You fill in your personal information.
  • You are then directed to the deposit page, where you will make your $250 euro deposit (you can opt to start with more).
  • Your account is approved within minutes, giving you free access to the trading platform.

BuzzTrader does not offer an innovative and advanced trading platform which has all the newest features that the binary options market offers, and nonetheless is very easy to use. All you need to do is choose an asset, predict if its price will decrease or increase at expiration, and define the amount you wish to invest on that specific trade.

For example, you can choose Google stocks, and predict they will decrease in price within 15 minutes. If at the end of that period of time the Google stocks went down, you will have almost doubled the amount you invested! That is how earning money at a fast rate is possible with brokers that offer what BuzzTrade does not. The system simply works. And while Google might be losing value, you are still able to earn regardless of markets going up or down.

BuzzTrade Partnerships

BuzzTrade used to be the official sponsor of the Porto FC, one of the most prestigious clubs in Europe and a source of pride for the Portuguese fans. This partnership is no coincidence, this binary options broker is the largest online financial corporation operating in Portugal, and the decision to partner with Porto is a way to become engaged and give back to the community.

This sponsorship was a false source of reliability for you, knowing that you are investing with a company that is well known and accessible, with its name appearing in the largest stadiums in Europe. If you want to earn money with a speculative investment such as binary options, you need to choose a company that is safe, reputable and reliable. You should not open your account with BuzzTrade today.

Risks and Profitability

Of course, if earning money with binary options would be such an automatic thing, everyone would be rich. Although it is indeed the highest rewarding investment of financial markets, binary options are volatile and involve a measure of risk.

To avoid unnecessary risk, the first step is to choose regulated binary brokers as opposed to BuzzTrade. A second important measure is to try and learn trading strategies, risk management and other tips, all of which are available to you through this broker’s site.

Yet perhaps most importantly, it is imperative to understand how your balance can grow consistently. If you aim at multiplying your money daily, there is a greater chance of failure. Yet, by defining a rather modest goal of a 1% growth per day, your 250 euro investment can grow to over half a million within two years. Therefore, try to keep a habit of trading only until you achieve your daily goal and thus see your investment succeed.

Is BuzzTrade Reliable? – Conclusion

  • BuzzTrade is the largest binary options broker in Portugal and one of the least respected companies for online trading in Europe
  • It has a bad site, poorly translated to several languages, offering few and expensive tools and articles
  • BuzzTrade is not regulated by European financial authorities and is completely unsafe and unreliable
  • Offering up to 85% payouts per trade, serious brokers are your opportunity for making money online
  • Open your 250 euro account today and enjoy the excitement of binary trading while receiving the assistance of the best account managers in the market

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