Binary Predictor Review

Do you want to make money through online options trading?

Have you heard about Binary Predictor, the new trading software promising amazing results?

Read this review about Binary Predictor to protect your investment and understand why the opportunity it offers is unreliable. Learn which automated trading tools are safe and what realistic gains you should expect from a serious binary options signals service.

What is Binary Predictor

To properly understand why Binary Predictor is unsafe, the best method is comparing it to trading robots that actually do work and have had the approval of serious traders worldwide.

One perfect example is Optionavigator, a bot designed to function specifically within the dynamics of binary trading. This software uses algorithms to suggest trade results which you may follow, creating constant profits. Most importantly, it provides two key advantages over Binary Predictor: realistic expectations and safety.

Optionavigator developers are aware of the many scams being offered online, such as the Binary Predictor scam. That is why this free trading software is only available through properly regulated and licensed binary options brokers. Each month the Navigator recommends one broker through which you will open an account and invest safely.

This month’s recommendation, for example, is OptionWeb, one of the largest and most reputable brokers worldwide. It is fully regulated with a CySEC license and approved by every financial authority throughout Europe. Upon opening an account, you have at your disposition a complete Education Center and access to professional investment advisers who will guide you in your first steps. Currently, it also offers a 100% bonus to new traders.


Besides partnering only with serious financial corporations, Optionavigator developers understand the benefits of trading with some basic knowledge and with realistic goals. That is why their product is marketed as a real opportunity of making money online, but without the excessive exaggeration that is Binary Predictor.

It is also possible to sign-up to this free service directly through the Optionavigator site, by clicking here. The registration process accompanies you through all simple stages of opening an account so that you may start trading and profit immediately.

Binary Predictor Scam Alert

Binary Predictor is probably a scam meant to allure you into investing money without any type of assistance, safety-net or risk management advice. Your chances of success are close to zero and one red light alert is the insane gains the software promises. The entire video is misleading and does not provide any real information.

Binary Options are an excellent financial derivative which allows traders to earn up to 95% per trade. Nonetheless, this is a high-risk and volatile financial instrument, and therefore you must use caution if you want to earn money with it. The correct approach to binary trading is understanding that even when using serious and professional tools such as Optionavigator, a trader will make wrong predictions in a meaningful amount of trades.

The goals for serious investors is to maintain as little as a 2% gain each day. To achieve such numbers, the total amounts of correct trades should be 55% or more, slightly more than half the trades. Doing so will provide you with huge profits within a few months. By contrast, the idea suggested by the Binary Predictor video that an immense and immediate amount of money will flood your bank account, should only serve as an alert.

How the Binary Predictor Works

There is virtually no information on how the Binary Predictor works, or why it should be trusted, other than one individual promising completely unrealistic results. According to the video presentation, this individual is named Steven Temple.

Of course, some research is enough for us to discover that such a person, with either the knowledge or expertise suggested in the video, simply does not exist. If the person in the video is so eager to spread his knowledge about binary options trading, and allow us to use his “incredible loophole”, then why is there no image of this person, neither in the video or the internet?

Yet it is possible to further expose the scam that is Binary Predictor. This “software” is most probably not related to a Steve Temple, but rather to binary options broker TraderXP, a company with a long history of scam accusations. This broker is obviously not regulated by any financial corporation and is known for using misleading marketing campaigns. You should avoid investing with it, or with Binary Predictor.

Making Money with Binary Options

Although Binary Predictor is clearly a scam, this does not mean that you should avoid trading binary options altogether. This is, after all, the most popular online investment, a system that is used by hundreds of thousands of traders worldwide, every day.

While many customers prefer to learn trading strategies and use their own expertise to invest and others receive assistance from serious brokers who offer free tutorials and education material, more and more traders are turning to signals services. This automated trading devices use complex algorithms to improve the chances of accurately predicting the outcome of trades.

Of course, serious signal tools will never pretend to have a 97% accuracy level, as Binary Predictor claims, because this is utter nonsense. Yet these bots, as they are called, can create income for you. While Optionavigator is widely regarded today as the best system available to traders, other products, such as Money Multiplier, are also available and considered to be safe and reliable.

Binary Predictor Review – Conclusion

  • Binary Predictor is a scam, it cannot and should not be trusted.
  • The person claiming to have invented Binary Predictor, Steve Temple, either does not exist, or does not want to be found on the internet, which obviously makes no sense, considering the curriculum he claims to have.
  • Although it is presented as a system designed by an individual, this marketing scam is most probably a scheme fabricated by TraderXP, a problematic, not regulated binary options broker.
  • There are alternatives that do allow you to earn money online through automated trading, most noticeably Optionavigator.
  • This software is free and can only be used when operating through a licensed and regulated corporation.
  • OptionWeb is an example of a company that has been recommended by Optionavigator. Obviously, this broker does not allow use of Binary Predictor, nor do any of the serious brokers on the market.
  • It is advisable to avoid Binary Predictor and not take unnecessary risks with your investment money.

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