Banc de Binary

What is Banc de Binary?

Banc de Binary is an award-winning online trading platform that offers you the opportunity to trade binary options. Binary options are a simple financial tool that requires little to no prior experience and yields up to 85% return per transaction. Banc de Binary is a serious and trustworthy corporation that is properly licensed to operate throughout Europe and Asia. Our conclusion after a review of its site and customer service is that this company is an excellent choice for investing online and generating profits quickly. Its current cash-bonus promotion is an excellent reason to open an account with it today.

What does Banc de Binary offer?

Banc de Binary is a large online trading company which operates many sites offering a diversity of investment products. It has vast experience and is considered one of the largest groups in the online trading scene worldwide.

Banc de Binary offers binary options trading, a financial derivative that allows you to profit from stock market assets without acquiring them. You are therefore able to have complete control over the amount of money you invest and the risk level you choose to take.

Binary trading is very simple and requires no training. To make immediate profits, all you need to do is follow three simple steps:

  1. Select an asset from the trading platform
  2. Decide what will be the value of the transaction
  3. Predict the outcome of the binary option

In binary options, your prediction is simple since it involves only two possible choices and outcomes: will the value of the chosen asset increase or decrease by the time the option expires. Each option lasts approximately 15 minutes, although some transactions can be as short as 60 seconds.

For every correct selection, you receive an approximately 80% yield. If you choose to open a position in the trading platform for 100 dollars, a correct prediction will elevate that value to 180 within minutes.

Banc de Binary have developed the trading platform to be user-friendly and allow you to trade immediately and safely.

Banc de Binary Assistance

While it is easy to trade with Banc de Binary, the site and its team of account managers strive to improve your success and earnings rate. In order to do so, you are awarded several tools and resources to learn binary trading.

Risk management and advanced strategies are among the instruments you will be able to use as a result of Banc de Binary and its education center. Providing videos, tutorials, webinars, ebooks and live interaction with investment experts, the site offers everything you need to become a professional trader.

Trading with Banc de Binary can be a small investment, a pastime, and for some, a meaningful source of income. It is up to you to decide how much time and money to invest in into this activity, yet Banc de Binary personnel are capable to assist you throughout.

Avoiding Scams

Banc de Binary is a reliable site through which to invest online. Nonetheless, scam accusations against such sites are common, and sometimes accurate. It is very important to make sure you do not transfer funds to a fraudulent company.

Banc de Binary is regulated by CySEC, which is a financial authority responsible for regulating the binary options trading markets in Europe. Since CySEC is located in Cyprus and is a branch of the Cypriot government, all major brokers are located in this country, and Banc de Binary is no exception.

The meaning of this licensing is that your funds are safe and you are given a true opportunity to make money. Your earnings, and those of all other investors, are supervised by CySEC, and guarded from misuse by the broker. Therefore, you have the guarantee of receiving full access to your balance at any time.

Profit Expectations

Although it is possible for you to earn 85% for each binary option you execute, it is not likely that all your predictions will be accurate. Therefore, those large numbers, although true, should not confuse you into thinking it is actually possible to multiply your money within minutes.

Even with the professional help from Banc de Binary and the innovative trading platform they offer, binary options remain a volatile investment, in which traders might earn substantial amounts of money, but also lose part or all of the funds. Certainly caution is important, as is prudence when starting your experience with binary trading.

Nonetheless, your chances and profit level obviously grow by percentages, and therefore the more money you invest, the more you earn. An initial account of 500 pounds is recommended.

Open your account now and try to maintain a consistent profit rate, rather than aim for large immediate gains. If you are consistent, the money you could earn is very significant.

Banc de Binary Trading hours

One advantage of binary trades is that you can choose from multiple assets, including 4 main categories:

  1. Stocks – Banc de Binary has a large variety of stocks, including several from the UK market
  2. Commodities – With gold and oil always receiving special attention from investors
  3. Indices – From markets worldwide, which allows you to trade during weekends as well
  4. Currencies – the most popular type of option and the one most offered by Banc de Binary

Since there are assets from markets globally, and certain countries consider Sunday a normal working day, you benefit from a trading platform that is operating 24/7. Yet this is not the only reason while making money online has become so much easier.

Banc de Binary also offers excellent mobile apps with which you can access your account, place trades and earn from virtually anywhere. This is a very important and groundbreaking feature, because binary trading is an exciting and thrilling activity, where sudden financial news can improve your chances of success dramatically.

Many times, the opportunity to make some profitable trades suddenly materializes, and that is when the Banc de Binary cell phone app can be a significant tool for you. With it, you increase your chances of success, because the trading platform is within reach at any time of the day or night.

Banc de Binary Platform benefits

Banc de Binary is a large online investments company that designed and developed the trading platform during 2009, launching it a year later and receiving much praise from the binary options market.

Not all brokers privately own a trading interface, and Banc de Binary is among the few that does not function as a white label but rather as the actual owner of the platform. This is an important advantage for you and for the safety of your funds.

Platform Reliability

Under regulatory laws, a company that does not own the trading surroundings it offers to users, but rather leases the platform from a third party, can only obtain partial regulation. The reason is simple: since the money itself is traded on the platform, technically, the site responsible for the funds while the trade is occurring, is the site that in fact owns the platform.

In other words, if your binary broker is a white label company, even a regulated company, your investment is not as safe. Banc de Binary on the contrary does have ownership and is thus a more trustworthy firm with which to profit from binary trades. Therefore, you can open an account with Banc de Binary without worries.

Banc de Binary Assets

The platform on the Banc de Binary site includes four types of assets:

  1. Stocks – including stocks from the UK market
  2. Indices – from several markets worldwide
  3. Commodities – A smaller category with the main commodities traded globally
  4. Currencies – paired one against the other, such as euro vs dollar

With this variety, you will be able to choose and form a portfolio of your favorite assets, and strategize accordingly. Banc de Binary are constantly adding new assets for you, yet even today, the amount and type of options available help traders perform at the highest level.

Not all assets are available at all times, of course. This depends on which stock markets each company is traded. Some larger corporations have subsidiaries in several countries, and therefore their stock might be traded in more than one market. In such a case, these are available to you through a longer period of the day.

Since binary options allow you to trade globally, you can use the platform late at night or very early in the day, benefiting from the stock markets that are open elsewhere, such as Japan or Australia. In fact, weekends are also an option, since in some countries Sunday is a regular week day, and therefore the stock markets, and Banc de Binary as a result, are open for business.

Types of transactions

Banc de Binary offer all the common and most popular options types:

  • Call – Put
  • One Touch
  • Touch/No touch

All these binary options follow a similar premise, which includes selecting an asset and predicting its oscillation within a certain expiry period, which normally lasts a few minutes. Nonetheless, the popular 60 second trades are also available at Banc de Binary.

The difference between these three transactions is in the source of the prediction being made. While the Call-Put option is basically a prognosis of growth or decrease in asset value, the One Touch is a more specific prediction of whether an asset will reach a certain price range at any given moment throughout the option’s span.

Using the Platform

If some of the above seems complicated, do not worry. Banc de Binary personnel are professional investment advisers and are willing and able to help you better understand each of the platform’s many possibilities. One way or another, binary trading is simple and does not require prior experience or knowledge.

Since Banc de Binary is regulated and supervised, the values shown on the platform are real time values according to official stock market data. This helps you avoid the risk of being shown incorrect information which leads to making the wrong decision. With Banc de Binary, the investment is safe.

Banc de Binary Apps

To earn money with binary options trading you need to take advantage of the opportunities that markets offer in real time. Nonetheless, the perfect moment to benefit from value oscillations of stocks or currencies might come at a time when you are nowhere near your computer.

We this facts in mind, Banc de Binary has developed highly effective apps for apple and android, which enable you to trade, earn and succeed from wherever you are. The apps are excellent because they give you immediate access to all features of the trading platform.

Why trade online?

Binary Options is the most lucrative type of online investment worldwide. Its high yields and simple platform allow traders to start generating profits immediately, without prior experience or knowledge about the financial markets. Although risk is involved and accusations of scam have involved some companies in the past, the general opinion of specialists is that this is a legitimate opportunity to earn money.

One of the main benefits of online trading is availability. It enables anyone who so wishes to access the trading interface and execute trades for any period of time. Nowadays, a 5 minute coffee break can be transformed into 5 minutes of trades and profit.

That is why mobile apps are so important. You do not need more than a few minutes to finalize a trade, and Banc de Binary even offers 60 second trades. By expanding the reach of their platform to virtually anyone at any time, Banc de Binary has dramatically enlarged its potential of growth.

Mobile App Limitations

As is the case in most sites that are fully adapted to mobile, the system favors screen quality over variety. In other words, you cannot operate all menus from every screen. On the other hand, this enables you to have a clearer view of the text or page you are choosing to watch, which is of great importance when following the evolution of a trade.

Similar to any other online device, internet service quality matters. It is more common for people to lose connection when on their mobile than at home. That should be computed by the user to understand that a trade lost to a connection problem cannot be recovered, because binary transactions occur in real time.

Opening a Banc de Binary Account

It is very simple to open an account with Banc de Binary while using their apps. It is also very recommendable, because this broker is among the top brokers in the UK binary options market.

Not only are you able to open the account and fund it, but also give bank instructions and withdraw profits immediately.

Banc de Binary currently offers various promotions to new users, including high cash bonuses and risk free trades. With its mobile apps, professional customer service, education center and regulation, this is one of the very best brokers you could select. Start today and take advantage of the high yields and short-term trades and see your account grow from day one.

Banc de Binary Regulated

Binary options are a very rewarding online financial tool, yet it is also a high-risk investment which can result in loss. That is why using a regulated broker such as Banc de Binary is essential for the safety of your funds.

Banc de Binary has obtained the most reputable licensing in Europe, which is awarded by the Cyprus Security and Exchange commission. This country, a member of the European Union, has been tasked with supervising and regulating the activities of binary options brokers in the continent.

The significance of Banc de Binary’s regulatory success is that you receive the reassurance of trading with a broker that vouches for your money at all times.

How regulation protects you

Companies that are regulated must maintain bank accounts in European banks where all funds pertaining to clients are deposited. This money, your money, is supervised by the financial authority, which ensures that the broker does not use the money in any way. Thus, your balance is always available for withdrawal.

Furthermore, companies must deposit in excess of 1 million euro as a collateral guarantee, so that in any case of insolvency, your money is safe. Clearly, the best way to avoid internet scam is to choose Banc de Binary or similarly regulated binary options brokers.

Banc de Binary and Liverpool FC

Regulation is not the only reason why you should trust Banc de Binary. This site is a huge financial group that offers multiple online investment opportunities and oversees a multitude of internet assets. It is since October 2015 the proud sponsor of the Premier League club Liverpool FC. A proof to the relevance of this corporation.

This is a very experienced and reliable broker which has been involved with offering trading services from the onset. With years of quality customer assistance and a serious group of professionals heading the financial segments of the company, Banc de Binary is certainly a very reputable broker.

An opportunity to profit

Banc de Binary have invested millions in obtaining regulation status, yet they continue to pour money into the site, aiming to improve the asset list, trading platform, education center and overall trading experience for users.

As important, are the huge return rates offered by Banc de Binary, You are given the opportunity to earn 85% yields every single time you execute an option. Potentially, a trader can multiply the balance of his or her account in just a few hours.

Nonetheless, more realistically, the excellent percentages Banc de Binary gives mitigate the instances when the trader’s predictions are incorrect and money is lost. Therefore, professional traders are aware that while 85% is the value earned for each accurate transaction, the overall percentage they should hope for is significantly lower, yet still very attractive.

Banc de Binary Conclusion

  • Banc de Binary offers you a highly advanced trading platform with which to earn money online
  • It is a reliable and regulated broker which offers very high return rates and excellent customer service
  • While the trading platform is innovative and performs according to the highest standards, its use is surprisingly easy
  • In fact, you should start trading today after by opening an account, which you can do now through this link
  • Binary options is the fastest growing and preferred investments for online traders in Europe
  • Banc de Binary offer a very diversified asset list, education center and professional investment advice
  • Launched in 2014, Banc de Binary is already one of the top brokers in the binary option market
  • Among its plans in 2016 are several partnerships with new stock markets to expand the assets available to customers

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