Amissio Formula Software Review

How the Amissio Formula Software works

The Amissio Formula is a financial tool that was developed by a young group of experts and mathematicians in order to define, with a high rate of accuracy, what the outcome of a binary options trade will be. Users are therefore able to increase the overall amount of correct predictions and as a result increase their profit levels. Since binary options companies offer yields of 75% and higher, the Amissio Formula is potentially a path to generating an amazing income. The software is free and you can signup for it here..

The Software

To successfully prognosticate each binary trade, the Amissio Formula uses a historical database of stock market behavior, and compares it to the trends happening in real time. If the information matches and the calculations point out to a similar outcome as was registered in the past, the system will alert you and enable you to execute the trade before the expiration.

What this sophisticated calculations achieve is similar to what a chess game software does: it is able to look ahead and calculate innumerable moves and situations to decide which is the smartest decision to be made. While professional traders with knowledge and experience might feel they have an advantage over inexperienced online traders, with the, you are given the opportunity to trade at the highest level, because the software abilities are amazing.

The Amissio Formula Settings

The Amissio Formula does not predict the result of each and every trade. More precisely, it does not inform the user what the conclusion of every algorithmic calculation was. Only those binary options that are the most predictable, according to the estimation made by the software, are presented to the trader.

When a trend is detected which points to a clearer result, the Amissio Formula gives you two choices:

  1. Execute the trades yourself. A signal appears on the screen of the trading platform informing you of the estimate and it is up to you to choose that suggestion.
  2. Automatic trading – The Amissio Formula can function as a trading robot, executing the transactions automatically, if you set it to that mode.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each option and with time you will learn what possibility suits you best and how much to transition from one to the other.

Automated Trading

More than half of the acquisitions of stocks made in Wall Street every day, are executed by automated robots. This has become a very common system, that allows much larger volumes of equity to be traded during each session. Automated trading is not a new concept, much to the contrary: in the mainstream trading scenario, this is considered to be the norm.

There are many reasons why it makes more sense to utilize software to perform transactions, yet the main cause is that at the end of the day, deciding what trade to make depends on analyzing numbers. Clearly, a modern software can do that faster and more accurately than the human mind.

Yet, binary options are not part of the mainstream investments market. Options are referred to as financial derivatives: a type of transaction that does not involve an actual asset, although it derives from assets. In this field, automate trading is rather new.

Algorithmic Binary Trading

The Amissio Formula innovates with a potent algorithm and easy to use interface that allows you to start trading immediately after opening your account. All you need to do is go to the Amissio Formula site, make your initial deposit, and the software is automatically installed on the platform. You can use it and gain profits from the onset.

There are many automated trading robots in the binary options market, although all have been recently launched. Binary trading is a relatively new investment opportunity, which became part of online transactions in 2009. The first robots were launched in 2014, yet most are rudimentary.

The Amissio Formula is a much more advanced system which is capable of analyzing stocks, indices, commodities and forex trades, all with great accuracy. It is also able to verify global markets, thus predicting the outcome of assets from all available stock markets.

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