24Winner Review

Is 24Winner Safe?

24Winner is regulated by the CySEC financial authority in Europe and is a reliable investments corporation with an excellent reputation. Although it does offer some high risk trading tools, risk management assistance is offered on site and the high yields give you a real opportunity to earn money online and generate an income. 24Winner has created a trading platform that is easy to use and requires no prior experience in finance. You can open an account and start earning within minutes.

What does 24Winner offer?

24Winner is an online investment site which offers you the opportunity to trade binary options. This type of financial derivative has several advantages that have turned it into the most popular type of trading tool in Europe:

  • Each transaction lasts only a few minutes and the profit is immediately credited to your account.
  • No need to learn complicated trading strategies. Binary options are easy to execute.
  • A large asset list helps you take advantage of all market opportunities.
  • Risk is manageable and you are in control at all times.

24Winner also offers additional benefits to make your trading experience better and more profitable. Among others, you will receive:

  1. Free trading signals to help you make better choices
  2. One on one training from investment advisors
  3. Access to free online webinars

24Winner has also put an emphasis on safety, and is regulated and licensed by the appropriate authorities. In other words, their financial activities are supervised by the authorities, in a way similar to the supervision over banks and other large institutions. This guarantees that your money is always vouched for and available for you to withdraw with ease.

Mastering Binary Trades

Binary options is a modern investment tool developed to answer the growing interest of the general public to online trading. It is based on three simple steps which include the selection of an asset, the input of an investment value, and the prediction of the assets oscillation at the time of the option’s expiry.

24Winner offer four types of assets: Stocks, Commodities, Currencies and Indices. A review of the asset list reveals that 24Winner is constantly increasing the variety of choices you can make, with new markets being included. This is what allows you to trade practically at any time of the day,even during weekends.

Profit can occur almost instantly with this financial derivative. Here is an example of how a trade is executed: You choose an asset and decide how much to invest in one specific trade. Each option can yield up to 85%. Once you have made that choice, you predict whether the asset you chose will have a higher or lower price when the option expires.

Most options expire within 15 minutes, although for more thrills, you can also choose 24Winner’s 60 seconds trades. If you place a 100 euro trade, and your prediction at the expiry is correct, your account balance is increased by 85 euros instantly.

Since 24Winner allows you to place multiple trades simultaneously, there is a realistic chance of multiplying your investment within minutes.

Risks and Odds

While the 24Winner site does offer a path to significant profits, the high return rates can be deceiving. 24Winner do not want to be considered a scam, and their site is careful to mention the risks. More so, it offers training and risk management tools to help you succeed and defuse any fraud allegations.

The basic odds in binary trading are that the average trader will lose money. Although you are immediately given a 50% chance of success, the rate needed to increase your earnings is 56% more or less. Therefore, correctly predicting the outcome of trades half of the time will not be enough.

That is why professional traders focus in much modest profit goals, which when reached consistently can nonetheless generate huge income. Of course, this depends on several factors, such as the value of the initial deposit and the amount invested per trade. Yet as an example, a 1000 euro investment which achieves as little as 1% daily profit, will transform in more than 1 million euros within two years.

This might not be the speedy profits some traders would hope for, yet patience and a structured trading method can be very lucrative in the long run.

24Winner Education Center

24Winner is a relatively new binary options broker. The site was launched in early 2014 and has been in constant growth since. Although 24Winner is a recently added brand, the online conglomerate that owns the site is extremely experienced, and considered among the largest worldwide.

SafeCap Investments Ltd. is located in Nicosia, Cyprus, and from there it oversees operations throughout Europe, as well as key regions such as Australia and South Africa. This company, which owns several other trading sites besides 24Winner, is very reputable and has always complied with the demands of local authorities to safeguard the clients’ funds.

Yet for 24Winner users there is additional support, with the help of the Education Center, a segment of the site dedicated to assisting the traders and offering multiple learning tools. If you wish to understand more about strategies, assets, stock markets and financial investments, 24Winner have assembled videos, ebooks and articles that allow you to become a true professional.

24Winner in the UK

The United Kingdom is one of the largest and fastest growing binary options markets worldwide. This is a key market for any binary options broker, and as a result, 24Winner have been careful to give it full attention. British traders are assisted by trained account managers who speak their language and understand their culture, allowing for a better communication with clients and a stronger sense of trust.

24Winner also offers several assets which are exclusive to the UK stock market. Therefore, if you feel more comfortable trading with assets of local companies with which you are better acquainted, the trading platform offers you this option.

The popularity of binary trading in the UK has also increased the supervision of sites offering this services. Local financial authorities are worried of possible scams, and brokers must comply with a multitude of requirements to be properly licensed. 24Winner is certainly one of the few brokers which has always offered you the safety of a proper regulatory process.

24Winner Review Summary

  • 24Winner is a large binary options broker offering online trading
  • This is a safe site that is not involved in any scam. Risk management is available on site
  • Binary trading can result in quick profits and consistent earning. Opening an account is easy and trading can commence immediately
  • The 24Winner site includes an Education Center that allows you to learn the secrets of successful trades
  • 24Winner also give you other tools to enhance your profits, such as free signals and one on one training
  • If you are interested in making money online or from the comfort of your home, this can be an excellent and safe opportunity
  • 24Winner also have mobile apps available, so that you may trade from anywhere at any time with ease

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