24option Scam

Is 24Option a scam?

How does this binary options broker compare to other digital trading companies?

Binary trading is your chance to earn an additional and consistent income. Many firms promise large profits through a simple investment but you must find out whether this financial derivative can truly produce money. Caution is necessary, and if you want to know more about 24Option and the risks involved in investing with this binary options broker, read this article carefully.

24Option vs Leading Brokers

The leading corporations in the binary options industry offer excellent services and help you improve your investment’s results, thus avoiding any scam rumors. 24Option is an experienced company, but how does it rank and compare to the best brokers in the business?

24Option is the largest broker worldwide and the best fit for English speaking traders. A reliable company, 24Option is the official sponsor of Juventus, the largest Italian football club and one of the most important sports institutions in Europe. It offers you in excess of 80 trading videos as well as one-on-one tutorials. This binary corporation is an excellent option for new online traders. Take advantage of their current 100% cash welcome bonus and start trading with additional cash in your account:

OptionBit, among the largest binary brokers as well, is the only one which gives you free access to the most advanced trading signals tool in the market: Algobit. Algobit scans and locates the best trading opportunities in stock markets globally, allowing you to benefit from a higher accuracy rate. Incorporated to your trading platform, it executes the trades, leaving you only the task of approving trades and enjoying yields. This is an excellent company for you to profit from binary trading with, and create an income with the help of serious professional assistance:

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Very few brokers have developed their own trading platform, and StockPair is one of them. A fully regulated company, it provides you with the safest environment for digital trading. StockPair offers a multitude of advanced instructional materials and online financial guidance from true professionals. With its Education Center, StockPair has provided customers with a path to substantial profit growth. Open your account with them today.


When compared to the top brokers, 24Option fares very well and relies on its excellent reputation. Due to its ability to swiftly expedite withdrawal requests, the 24Option brand has received positive reviews, with clients frequently praising the transparency and efficiency in which their profits are transferred to them. 24Option is definitely not a scam, but rather a company that at times suffers from rumors of fraud as a result to the lack of knowledge regarding the volatility of binary trading.

24option Fraud Accusations

One of the binary brokers least identified with scam accusations throughout the web, 24option nonetheless faces at times bad reviews. Binary options are clearly speculative and therefore serious brokers take the initiative to warn traders about the volatility of this investment. Since digital options were first introduced to the online markets most brokers have not properly advised clients about these risks. Unfortunately such cover-up mentality remained although it is not the norm within the industry. Companies such as 24option continue to lead the market in their attempt to legitimize binary trading by properly informing users of the risks involved.

Frequently during their marketing campaigns 24option will stress the risk factor, besides the high payouts and apparent simplicity of options trading. Many warnings are posted on their site and it is clear this specific broker puts enough of an effort in properly advising clients about the odds and probabilities of binary options. Investing your funds with a trustworthy broker that explains the transactions with transparency and offers the tools needed to enhance your trading skills, is a key to your success.

24option Overview

24option was launched in October 2011 and is considered one of the largest binary options brokers globally. Its aggressive marketing campaigns include massive media-buying, internet ads and affiliate networking. 24option is not available to traders in the USA, due to regulation restrictions. Its marketing savvy has created a flashy site and 24option has certainly been successful in attracting new customers. This is also the result of offering multiple advantages over other brokers. As is the case of all the companies mentioned above, professional and regulated brokers offer all the tools necessary for a successful trading experience.

It is important you remember that 24Option is a white label company, leasing its trading platform from the Techfinancials group, the largest platform provide in the online trading industry. It is therefore offering a safe and advanced trading environment. 24option’s asset list and payouts are above average in size and lately they have invested in advanced educational tools which are now available to traders. Enough to help you acquire the skills needed to succeed in online investment, it is another move in the right direction.

24option is officially owned by Cbay Financial Services Ltd, registered in Cyprus. It holds important market share in the UK, Australia and Italy. The 24option site is available in 15 languages, with customer service provided in all of these languages, enabling this broker to have a global impact. It has recently increased its presence in the German market, which is currently the fastest growing binary trading market, both worldwide as well as for 24Option particularly.

Investing Safely Online

Binary options trading requires some understanding about investment strategies, even if it is often advertised as an easy, fast-profit investment. Always choose to deposit money with a reliable and licensed broker, which offers the tools you need in order to improve your trading abilities. If you are from the USA or Canada, remember that not all brokers operate in these countries. 24option does not.

Since any financial tool that offers such high yield must be considered speculative in nature, risk is also a major factor when entertaining the idea of investing in binary options. 24option puts in a huge effort in warning and providing clients with risk-management advice, and that is the common practice in is such companies as StockPair or OptionBit The volatile nature of binary options is mentioned on the 24option site and traders receive many suggestions of the methods needed to diminish risks.

24option Expansion

24option have had a real impact on the binary options industry as a result of their aggressive marketing campaigns and heavy investment in publicity. It has been able to cater to most major binary markets, concentrating efforts both in Europe and elsewhere, where they have targeted the Australian, South African and South American markets.

The company has rapidly expanded and is well known, while its impeccable customer service maintains high standards at all times. The professional preparation in giving assistance and trading skills to the vast majority of these clients, has resulted in higher than average profits to its clientele, and thus claims of financial gain from most of the 24option investors.

24option Trading Platform

24option offer the Techfinancials trading platform, a software similar to that used by many other online trading companies. Sites therefore operate as white-labels of this software provider. Among the companies using the Techfinancials software and trading environment, 24option is the largest white-label binary firm.

24option moved its activities to Cyprus in 2014 in order to complete the process of obtaining regulatory documents for its binary trading activities. Cyprus has been appointed by the European Union as the country responsible for regulating the activities of binary brokers. Therefore it is highly advisable to choose a broker that is fully regulated by the CySec financial corporation, which is the best guarantee of a safe investment.

Praise regarding 24option’s status as a legit company have also arouse as a result of its ownership group. The 24option brand is owned and managed by experienced and professional investment experts, which have had great success in managing large financial corporations. These individuals have set up the perfect conditions for traders to succeed and profit. Obviously, when such stability is part of the financial institution you invest with, it helps in creating trust, and defuse any scam rumors.

24option Scam – Conclusion

  • 24Option is one of the major binary options brokers worldwide
  • Binary options involves high risk, which are inherent to high yield investments
  • 24Option is not a scam, but rather a company offering a risky financial tool
  • That being said, this broker’s ability to alert customers of the risks involved is worthy of praise
  • Through its east-to-use Educational Center, 24option’s reputation as a place for learning trading strategies is guaranteed
  • This corporation has been successful in all major European markets
  • It does not accept American or Canadian customers
  • Brokers such as StockPair and OptionBit are also highly recommended and offer you an array of advantages
  • It is imperative to always keep in mind that binary trading requires caution
  • 24Option have a sister company, GrandOption. It is unclear what the purpose of this second brand is

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