18minutes.co Scam

What is 18minutes.co ?

18minutes is a fake offer that poses as an opportunity to receive a free software developed by Robert Carswell. Obviously, when searching the internet you will discover there is no such entrepreneur, he has no Facebook or LinkedIn page, and in fact, does not exist. A professional investigation into the system itself shows that the apparent advanced system is in fact a robot that randomly suggests trades results without logic or purpose. You should avoid 18minutes.co and save yourself the heartache of losing money.

Yet, if you want to invest online, with reliable software and companies that vouch for the safety of your investment, this is possible. You will not earn the unrealistic amounts of money mentioned in the 18minutes.co video, but you could transform an initial investment of 200-300 euro into several thousands within a few months. For that purpose, you need to sign up to a legitimate software provider, such as Money Multiplier, fill in the form and open your trading account.

Why is 18minutes.co a scam?

First and foremost, 18minutes.co uses a formulaic video such as many other around the internet offering exactly the same scam with a different name. The story is always the same:

A person was down on his luck then either developed a system that made him rich or stumbled upon a friend which had invented such a system. How many times can that story be used to try and trick people into making the wrong investment?!

Anyhow, you should avoid the lure of that pipedream: the only thing that will happen within 18 minutes if you start using 18minutes.co, is that you will lose money. Because there is no person as Robert Carswell, and there is no method capable of predicting binary options results at the rate this video suggests.

How can you still profit online?

The answer to that question is rather simple: by using a real automated trading software, which scans the stock markets, is able to use algorithms to calculate trends and market oscillations and has an accuracy rate that is high enough to generate profits, even by a slight margin.

The best strategy to succeed at binary trading is not to aim at their fabulous yield per transaction (as high as 90% ). That is unrealistic and will lead to financial loss. But, imagine if you could, instead, manage to earn just 1% per day. Although that sounds like a small number, it is not. A 1000 euro investment, at a growth rate of 1% per day, transforms into 1.2 million euro after two years!!!

Granted, you will not trade every day for two straight years, nor earn everyday. But with a real software such as Money Multiplier, you give yourself a decent chance of taking a couple hundred euros and transforming them into a few thousands, patiently allowing the robot to operate its magic. You should open an account today and start this process, which might not bring the false riches that 18minutes promises, but can generate a 2nd and important income.

18minutes.co Partners

The key to the scam perpetuated by 18minutes is convincing you to open a trading account. So far, so good, that is not a scam: you can’t trade unless you have a trading account somewhere. The problem is, that 18minutes conduce you into creating the account with an unreliable, not regulated broker. This is very dangerous, your money is unprotected and can disappear into thin air.

This is no coincidence. In the remote chance that the random suggestions generated by 18minutes somehow turn in a profit, the people behind the scam do not want you to withdraw those profits! So they set you up with a company that can create so many difficulties for you, that eventually you will give up on the money.

Meanwhile, a serious and professional software developer, such as Money Multiplier, does the exact opposite: it only partners with regulated, licensed and serious financial corporations, which are bound by strict rules and are supervised by local financial authorities. This helps Money Multiplier in several ways:

  1. Maintain its reputation as a reliable automated trading software provider
  2. Guarantee the satisfaction of its clients
  3. Partner with large and solid corporations, which will pay for the software

And that is the last part of the 18minutes scam you should be aware of. After all, how can a software that turns people into millionaires be offered for free? Isn’t that awfully suspicious?

Free lifetime subscription

The reason 18minutes is offered for free is not because there is some desire to help you out, this is simply because the objective is to cause users to open an account, since the premise is, these users will not see their money again.

Otherwise, how can it be that someone has a product worth millions and decides to simply give it away for free, as the video fraudulently suggests?

Money Multiplier, and several other robots, are also free of charge, but for a different reason altogether. Since it is a reliable and accurate software, and thousands of traders want to use such a tool, reputable brokers are willing to pay in order to partner with the developers and receive the rights to distribute and offer the software for free. So when you receive your lifetime subscription from Money Multiplier, it isn’t without a reason. The brokers are paying the bill, to have precedence over their competitors. You are the benefactor of that healthy market competition.

18minute.co Scam Summary

  • 18minutes is a scam that you want to avoid in order to protect your investment
  • Binary options are a high risk speculative financial derivative. But also an opportunity for high reward
  • The 18minutes promotional video suggests you can start earning money within 18 minutes using their trading robot/method
  • Yet the values promised are too high to be realistic, the person mentioned as the founder of the company does not seem to exist, and results for those using the system have been terrible
  • All these lead to the conclusion that this is a scam and internet fraud, beware
  • There are still ways to benefit from the very high return rates of binary trading, by using reliable artificial intelligence tools such as Money Multiplier
  • While it will not turn you into a rich person overnight, Money Multiplier can help you transform an investment of a couple hundred euro into a steady income. You should open an account today and try it out

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